White House Ordered to Release Government-Big Tech Emails – Media’s Frantic


White House Ordered to release Government — Big Tech Emails

US District Judge Terry Doughty ruled Tuesday that the White House must provide emails sent from government officials to the attorneys general (AGs) in response to their lawsuit.

This includes Dr. Fauci and Karine Jean-Pierre, to plaintiff AGs Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.

This is a result of the AGs lawsuit alleging that the government worked with social media companies to illegally censor posters.

The judge ordered that the documents be provided to the plaintiffs within 21 days noting, “The White House has waived its claim of privilege in relation to specific documents that it voluntarily revealed to third parties outside the White House.”

Schmitt and Landry’s motion for expedited discovery stated, “Under the First Amendment, the Federal Government should have no role in policing private speech or picking winners and losers in the marketplace of ideas.”

“The federal officials are doing exactly that on a massive scale – a scale whose full scope and impact are yet to be determined.”

The Attorneys General have evidence that at least 45 employees of HHS and the Department of Homeland Security have contacted social media companies regarding “misinformation.”


The media is trying to paint the AGs as abusing their office to harass journalists. That’s dishonest, and they know it. The government’s interference in public speech is against the law. It is a violation of the 1st Amendment by any standard.

The Kansas City Star Opinion piece:

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt should explain to the public — quickly — why he wants three years of email correspondence involving University of Missouri professors and PolitiFact, a nationally-known web-based publication.

We know why and so do they, especially the corrupt Soros-funded PolitiFact.

The article completely trashes the AGs, insinuating they constantly go on fishing expeditions.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial:

The Missourian is a nonprofit staffed by Mizzou student journalists and professors. In the past, the newspaper has partnered with PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning news site that fact-checks statements by public figures. Schmitt’s Sunshine request, filed in his official capacity earlier this year and first reported last week, seeks emails between two of those professors and the director of PolitiFact over a three-year period that contain phrases like “fact-checking,” “Political Speech,” and “Fake News.”

It sounds like a good idea. Don’t forget that this is the media who make excuses for DOJ’s fishing expeditions on Donald Trump and his supporters. They won’t do that for Republican AGs.

That article also frantically demonizes the two AGs.

The media likes to put their fake news in editorials and op-eds. That way, they can pretend they’re not reporting fake news.

KSDK claims Schmitt is “targeting fact-checkers.” RFT says he’s “taking aim” at journalists. The News Tribune says it’s “unprecedented” to get journalists’ communications.

The other tactic is for the media to ignore it. Except for Fox News and the NY Post, the mainstream media is by-and-large.

Notice that they aren’t concerned that the government censoring via media is illegal; there is proof they did it. The AGs simply want to find out how widespread it is.

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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
1 year ago

Our next mass target should be the title “fact-checker.” It’s always an assumption of authority and a claim of trustworthiness — but neither of those things is guaranteed to be present in the self-nominated “fact-checkers” of the hard-left-wing media. Thus it’s imperative that we delegitimize them!

1 year ago

The White House doesn’t care about no stinking courts. They will just destroy the Emails like Queen Hillary did.