Bill Barr Tries and Convicts Donald Trump on Cavuto’s Show


Trump hater Neil Cavuto spoke with Bill Barr on his show, looking for the anti-Trump soundbites Barr is noted for, and he got them. He asked Barr if he thought the charges brought against him were fair and legitimate.

Barr: “I think the federal cases are legitimate. At the end of the day, at the core of this thing, he engaged in the case of the documents, outrageous behavior where anyone would be prosecuted. I don’t know of any attorney general who could walk away from it. He’s not being prosecuted for having the documents; he’s being prosecuted for obstruction.

“Two egregious instances are alleged. So I think that’s a very simple case and that should be tried, if the judge is anywhere competent, that could be brought, concluded before the summer.

“And the other case after the election. He, in my opinion, did cross the line. It wasn’t just rough and tumble politics. He crossed the line.

Bill Barr

“I think the federal government case is good. I mean is responsible. Because it really focuses on the hub of the issue, which is not just the lies and knowing they were lies, and that’s what they allege, but the fact that he used this device of impaneling imposter electors, swearing that they were the electors. But the key point there was they were in tandem with a plan whereby the vice president could use that as a pretext for nullifying the legal and certified votes. So it was a calculated and deceitful plan to remain in office by nullifying and negating certified legal votes.”

It was the “game changer” for him.


“I resigned on December 14th because I thought that at that point the state votes were certified and that was the end of the legal process, right, and I also didn’t like the way he was spouting the big lie.”

He resigned because Donald Trump wanted to fire him, and that’s the truth.


Barr is supposed to be a top law enforcement representative, yet he’s convicting Trump before trial. He’s trying the case in the court of public opinion.

I think it’s legitimate and fair to say he did nothing about the communists and anarchists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter burning buildings, and attacking police, terrorizing people for months.

Where was he when the Biden crime family was involved in pay-for-play? Why didn’t he care about Biden’s document theft and obstruction? He ignored Hunter’s laptop.

FBI Director Christopher Wray and former Attorney General Bill Barr knew about the Hunter laptop before Donald Trump was impeached.

He also allegedly helped write Biden‘s EOs before he took office.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and so many of the Democrat leadership had secret email accounts, phones, and servers, but he did nothing.

He never did investigate the election.

Someone needs to hold him to account, but never will. He has zero credibility.

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