Bill Gates Announces They’re Halfway Toward Their Goals [The Great Reset]


Bill Gates announced on his Twitter page and elsewhere that the globalists are halfway toward their 17 sustainable goals [to take over the Western World]. They plan to speed it up. All this damage you are witnessing to fossil fuels, gender ideology, spending, climate extremism, CRT, and open borders are all brought to you by these self-appointed world dictators.


“In 2015, leaders from 193 countries agreed to the Sustainable Development Goals—the SDGs. These were big, bold objectives we wanted to achieve by 2030, everything from ending poverty to achieving gender equality. And each year, this report attempts to answer the question, “How is the world doing?” We want people to grasp what the numbers say about the trajectory of human progress.”

“When development experts around the world hammered out the SDGs [sustainable development goals] seven years ago, they had no idea that in four years’ time, a novel virus would jump into the human population, sparking a once-in-a-century pandemic. They didn’t anticipate that wars would begin in Ukraine or Yemen—or that from Afghanistan to the United States, the rights of women would be hurled back decades.”

“As it stands now, we’d need to speed up the pace of our progress five times faster to meet most of our goals—and even that might be an underestimate, because some of the projections don’t yet account for the impact of the pandemic, let alone the war in Ukraine or the food crisis it kicked off in Africa.”

The would-be dictators of Agenda 2030 are rushing us toward the goals of the dictator’s club – the UN.

Be afraid. You see where we are headed, and they are halfway there.

17 Sustainable Goals

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1 day ago

This is nothing a few Predator Drones and a couple well placed Nukes can’t take care of. Russia can change the Fortunes of the World Economic Forum Cult in under an hour and I think Putin is determined to.

World Peace will be determine by the November Election. If there isn’t a Red Tsunami and America walking away from Ukraine, most Americans will need a Bomb Shelter. We are closer to Nuclear War than during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

When the Cult released the Wuhan Virus we should have realized then that we were dealing with Psychopaths. Only a Psychopath creates Viral Biological Weapons since the are uncontrollable and thus more dangerous than Nuclear Weapons.

John Vieira
1 day ago

Totalitarian tyranny is ‘afoot’…

2 days ago

And they don’t even ask the people about any of it. Just do what we say “sheep”.

1 day ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Self-appointed rulers don’t answer to the people don’t you know.