Cartels & Criminal Organizations Have a Foothold & Terrorize US Communities


We are becoming Mexico, a country run by cartels. The open borders have accelerated the foothold of cartels in the United States. They live among us and are taking over our cities. The drugs that pour in are given to the gangs in these cities to sell, and there is a lot of money to be made. Children are sold into slavery.

Soon, you can expect to see people hanging from bridges and mutilated bodies left as messages. They are here, and Biden has helped accelerate the horror.

Cartels are as evil as evil gets. For example, thousands of cannibal cartel members live in the United States. They eat their prey.

These criminals live among us thanks to the 1986 amnesty, eight more amnesties, sanctuary cities, our PC mentality, and our weak-willed politicians.

Sanctuary cities established throughout the United States discourage even the most basic law enforcement initiatives within their boundaries against these predatory criminals.

Transnational organized crime nationwide has flourished under these conditions.


In 2014, most U.S. crime was committed by illegal alien gangs. They are the primary distributors of illicit drugs in the U.S.  The Justice Department said that up to 80% of crime in the U.S. is committed by gangs and that gang membership in this country had grown to 1 million, an increase of 200,000 in the last few years.

According to the U.S. Justice Department’s National Drug Assessment of 2011, Mexican drug cartels operated in more than a thousand U.S. cities in 2009 and 2010. It has grown so much worse since then. Yet, Democrats thought it wise to make it easier for them to come in. Now they are poisoning our youth with fentanyl.

The report further stated that the cartels in the U.S. operate primarily in Florida, the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pacific, Southeast, Southwest, and West Central.

The report concluded that these Mexican-based organizations “control access to the U.S.-Mexico border, the primary gateway for moving the bulk of illicit drugs into the United States.”

Fox News reported in April 2013 that Mexican drug cartels are deep within our borders, establishing themselves as our new Mafiosa. The cartels are sending their most respected agents to set up shop. The cartels are showing up in our major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., and rural North Carolina. Suspects have also surfaced in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane warned in January 2013 that drug cartels “are taking over our neighborhoods.”

Now we have open borders. Cartels are taking over the country and we are Mexico.

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