Bill Gates Stands With China, Makes Them into Victims


Huh? what?

Bill Gates falsely claims China’s lies and cover up is a “distraction.” According to demented Bill Gates, “China did a lot of things right at the beginning … they avoided the incredible economic pain … I think there’s a lot of incorrect and unfair things said.”

There is nothing true here. What is wrong with Bill Gates? He is another pro-Chinese Communist Party toady.

China had to know in December how bad this virus was and yet until mid-January, they continued to say it was not contagious from human to human. They refused to allow U.S. doctors into the country to study the virus. The Chinese Communists have continually blamed the president, calling him a racist and spreading vicious propaganda on media and social media.

The communists put enormous pressure on countries, including the U.S. to not ban travel from China, knowing how bad this virus is.

There is a lot more, and among the greatest victims are the Chinese people themselves.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to mention he had an office in China and is investing in the country.



  1. Hackers unite and annihilate all Microshaft software and use all MS machines as Botnet force!
    Kill Rates aka Bill Gates is not the king of the world.

  2. The behavior of Gates is consistent with participation in the plan to distribute the virus and close the USA.

    His smile is so insincere. We wields huge power behind that smile. Look what he pulled off here. No official is willing to question him. The CIA, Commerce and State could easily investigate this man, for his participation in medical trouble making worldwide. And of course, the senate will hold no hearings.

  3. China’s expertise on lies and deceptions polluted the minds of these wealthy American. So sad, so easy for them to be indoctrinated. God have mercy on you all!❤️

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