Bill Introduced to Legalize Prostitution In Our Nation’s Capitol


The Washington Post proudly reports that D.C. Council members David Grosso (I-At Large) and Robert C. White Jr. (D-At Large) introduced the Reducing Criminalization to Improve Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2017″ which would decriminalize prostitution and create a task force to study the effects and come up with future reforms.

“This is about protecting the human rights of our residents,” said Grosso. “Arresting our way through this has never worked.”

Nothing will actually work. It’s not the oldest profession for no reason.

The supporters believe it would be easier for prostitutes to report crimes and it would make it easier to find other jobs if they don’t have prostitution on the resumé.

The critics say it would make D.C., the nation’s capitol a “mecca of prostitution” and it would blur the lines between legal sex workers and illegally trafficked people.

The biggest concern is the numerous collateral crimes associated with prostitution, including drugs and violence.

It likely won’t pass the Republican Congress at this point but it won’t be Republican forever. The path is laid out.

Now that morals no longer exist in the leftists’ world, except when a Harvey Weinstein is caught or hung out for some reason, the sky is the limit. On the other hand, do they have a worthwhile point or not?

Read the bill here.


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