Bill O’Reilly calls out Stahl’s shocking CBS interview


The CBS ’60 Minutes’ interview with Donald Trump was dishonest. In addition to Norah O’Donnell throwing softballs or not following up with Joe Biden, Lesley Stahl either didn’t do her homework or lied during the interview with Donald Trump.

To begin with, CBS claimed he stormed out of the interview. Actually, he asked her if she asked all her questions, she said she had, and he walked out. He didn’t storm out, but if he had, he would have been within his rights.

Stahl was a disgrace as an interiewer.

Bill O’Reilly deals with two of her dishonest questions and responses:

Jesse Waters let her have it also:

Go to to watch his podcast. He’s trying to give honest news, and that’s a rare gift these days in what is left of our free press.



  1. Communist Bolshevik Soviet? Naw. I’ll have to pass. It’s bad enough that fam watches Pure Bolshevik Soviet (PBS) since the $160 a month for 290 channels of crap with ten good ones is long gone.
    I did like Andy Rooney because he was sort of a Mike Royko for teevee.
    His segments were light hearted common sense chuckle or laugh out loud to make you forget about the Terminal Madness for a few seconds.

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