Bill O’Reilly’s brief tutorial on Black Lives Matter

Notice the sign was sported by It’s the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Bill O’Reilly gave an excellent rundown of who the Black Lives Matter leaders are and who funds them. It will be shocking to those who think they’re marching around with a group that only wants peace and justice.

If you hadn’t lived through the sixties and seventies, you won’t recognize history repeating itself. If you did go through those decades, you know what this movement is about.

Corporations and the media are not on our side.


Go to and get his podcast. It’s inexpensive and excellent information.



  1. Well, actually it had some beginnings in the 50’s. There was quite a bit of consternation over the infiltration of communism at that time. It even infected the schools in small town America when they decided to hold May Day celebrations. Few understood what it represented but my family exposed it and had the school end the celebration.

    Even political correctness of today reared it’s ugly head back in the 50’s. Groucho Marx lamented how comedy was being vilified in his day. For quite some time society has been degrading and it seems there’s no end in sight.

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