Dems plan to take your guns while you’re attention is on Cov-19


There is news besides the Wuhan Chinese Communist Coronavirus from China. While we are distracted, the House of Representatives is trying to pass H.R. 5717 which will add a 30% tax on all guns and a 50% tax on all ammo. The bill will require a federal license to purchase both.

It requires a federal license to own, handle or shoot any guns you already own. The ATF and courts can deny your right to own a gun.

They are trying to push this through immediately. This won’t pass the Senate now but there is no doubt this will pass should the socialist Democrats, the new out in the open socialist Democrat party, assume power.

There is more, read the bill. They will put you in jail for two years if you violate any part of this law.

It’s in the first stage and was sponsored by Hank Johnson Jr. It won’t be a surprise if it passes the House. The Democrats have passed a slew of bills just like this in the House and they sit in the Senate, ready to go.

When these leftists are in office, they will take your liberties.

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