Billionaire Leftist Pours $500K into a Defund Austin Police Initiative


It’s stunning how much damage one man can do. George Soros, the self-described ‘kind of a god,’ causes misery wherever he goes. His values and his ideology are hard-left and highly damaging. For example, his latest foray is into defunding the police in Austin, Texas.

He poured $500,000 into the effort. As Austin Council Member Mackenzie Kelly wrote in the tweet below, no billionaire should be contributing money to put the people of Austin at risk.

Unfortunately, it’s not illegal. It is unethical and this man is no American.

He’s not alone. Mark Zuckerberg contributed over $400,000,000 to swing the 2020 presidential election. That too isn’t illegal but he is using his wealth to steal the election.


The Hungarian-born political activist gave $500,000 through the Soros-backed Open Society Policy Center to a political action committee in opposition to a ballot initiative that forces the city to employ two police officers per 1,000 residents.

Soros’s donation, made on Oct. 12, is his second of the month and comes as Austin experiences a decades-high spike in violent crime. The city has seen at least 67 homicides this year, the highest since at least 1981. Aggravated assaults are also up at least 10 percent, following a 26 percent spike in 2020.

Since 2015, Soros has spent more than $17 million on various local races, including donations to left-wing prosecutors and state legislators. He picked candidates who supported a dramatic reduction in or elimination of cash bail and other policies critics say lead to higher crime.

Other large donors to Equity Pac include the Texas American Federation of Teachers, which gave $10,000, and Movement Voter PAC, a left-wing organization based in Maryland. The Washington, D.C.-based Fairness Project also contributed $200,000, Free Beacon reported.

Voters will decide on the ballot initiative at the polls on Nov. 2 or via early voting from Oct. 18 through Oct. 29. Estimates for the cost of hiring new officers range from $54 million to $120 million a year, per the city’s chief financial officer.


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