Biological male easily beats a woman in the MMA prelims


Alana McLaughlin, a veteran and biological male, aka trans woman, beat a woman in the MMA fight on Friday at the Combate Global prelims in Miami, Florida.

McLaughlin, 38, used a rear-naked chokehold on Celine Provost, 32, bringing the fight against the biological female fighter to an end after 3 minutes, which was a mere 32 seconds into round two of the match

McLaughlin, a biological male who was a member of the US Army Special Forces until 2010, wore a t-shirt that read “end trans genocide” as she was named the victor after choking Provost on the mat, according to the New York Post.

So, a biological male trained as a Special Forces guy beat a woman. Okay then.

Alana as a man

Alana’s hormones were okay but she, formerly he, still biologically he, has the bone and muscle structure of a man.



  1. Why would an “American Male” watch such a spectacle of a man beating up on a woman. This isn’t some damn Hollywood movie showing women beating up a gang of men. Furthermore, why would any woman stay with a man who watches (supports) such a vile spectacle. Chivalry is certainly a dead character trait in this country.

  2. A chokehold?! Wayciss!
    The daily prayer always includes a thank you God for making me what I am and for all other gifts.
    Before the local hospital (sinister) boycott the trans treatment center was on the same floor as adult primary care.
    The ravishingly beautiful MD knew all about nutrition and getting off as many pills as possible, a real credit to the profession!

  3. Sorry, I am completely in favor of allowing this.
    Because we have been told for decades that women can do anything a man can do.
    So here we are, if that is true, then what is the problem?
    IF, it is not true, then we need to reevaluate EVERYTHING else in our society where accommodations are made so that women can participate.

  4. This “transgender” clown is no different than a female “transgendering” to a man and “gives birth” – something no biological man could possibly do. When this silliness finally subsides, we can hope to have competition in sports returned to its rightful place. Meanwhile, the fools that allow themselves to compete in this impossible feat against a transgenders get what they came for.

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