Biological male will crush the women in NCAA D I race


Eastwood says she is slower and lost muscle mass since taking polls to lower testosterone levels

June Eastwood, formally Jonathan Eastwood, a biological male will become the first transgender woman to run an NCAA Division I Cross Country Race on Saturday.

Eastwood only decided to run as a woman in his, now her, senior year at the University of Montana. The runner is a biological male but is taking pills to suppress testosterone levels.

Eastwood will become the fastest distance runner to ever compete in an NCAA Division I women’s race in Cheney, Washington.

There will be no competition. Eastwood will most likely win, even with the testosterone levels lowered.

Eastwood’s personal best in the 800 meters is 1:55.23. That’s almost four seconds faster than the collegiate record of 1:59.10 set by Raevyn Rogers in 2017.

The runner’s personal best in the 1500 is 3:50.19.Jenny Simpson’s collegiate record, unchallenged for a decade, is almost 10 seconds slower (3:59.90).

Eastwood has run 14:38.80 in the 5,000, far ahead of Simpson’s collegiate record of 15:01.70.

Competing as a male, Eastwood won only two races out of 56 in three years at Montana. The self-described transgender has never won a national title or earned All-American honors. In fact, as a male, Eastwood’s never even qualified for the national meet.

Johnathan Eastwood

As a male, Eastwood’s best event was the 1500m, with a personal best time of 3:50.19, just slightly slower than the women’s world record of 3:50.07 by Genzebe Dibaba and is equivalent to a 4:08.6 mile.

Eastwood will be slower because of the suppression drugs but it’s not likely the runner will lose.

The NCAA rules are vague, lax, and loose. Their transgender handbook states that an MTF transgender athlete must undergo “one calendar year of testosterone suppression treatment” in order to compete in the women’s category. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Eastwood has been taking testosterone-suppressing pills for one year (in addition to estrogen pills).

The NCAA’s policy makes no mention of a minimum testosterone level that must be achieved or a minimum level of medication that must be taken, nor does it mandate independent verification.

Eastwood will be in a position to bump women out of All-American honors.

The feminist movement will not call out transgenderism, and their female athletes will be crushed by it. Women’s rights take second place to the rights of transgenders, who still have their biological anatomy.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 years ago

Anyone that has the desire of changing sex is distressed enough to not care or recognize that he/she is cheating. I can imagine the nonsense that therapists/psychiatrists tell the person.

4 years ago

You can’t use an asthma inhaler but you can fill your body full of hormones and surgeries and that’s OK? What a crock of shit.