Never Nikki Will Not Be Bound by Any RNC Pledge to Endorse DJT


Nikki Haley, showing her Democrat credentials, will not be bound by any RNC pledge to endorse the Republican candidate.

Asked by NBC News’ “Meet the Press” moderator Kristen Welker, “So you’re no longer bound by that pledge?” Haley responded that she was not obligated to endorse former President Donald Trump if he became the Republican nominee.

“No, I think I’ll make what decision I want to make, but that’s not something I’m thinking about,” she said, noting that “if you talk about an endorsement, you’re talking about a loss. I don’t think like that.”

She added, “When you’re in a race, you don’t think about losing. You think about continuing to go forward.”

Pressed further about whether voters who will head to the polls in the GOP presidential primary on Tuesday deserve to know where she stands on endorsing Trump, Haley continued to dodge the question, saying, “When you all ask Donald Trump if he would support me, then I will talk about that. But right now, my focus is, ‘How do we touch as many voters? How do we win?’”

Haley has no path to winning, but she could become a third-party candidate and hasn’t ruled it out.

In July of last year, she said she would support Donald Trump because she didn’t want a president Kamala Harris, suggesting Joe Biden would not make four more years. However, as usual, nothing she says can be trusted.

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