Hillary calls Trump supporters a ‘cult’ that needs to find its ‘soul’


Hillary Clinton denounced the GOP and Trump supporters who she says have a cult-like allegiance to former President Trump.

She’s back to calling half the nation ‘deplorables.’

“They’ve done a calculation. They’ve concluded Trump is the puppet master who pulls the strings of the hardcore base of the Republican Party,” the former Democratic presidential candidate said in a Washington Post Live interview. “They’re just throwing the towel in.”

She said she hopes the party will “find its soul, will find its center again and understand they can’t keep playing with fire.”

This is the woman whose party put a puppet in the presidency along with a vice president who achieved 0% support from her own party when she ran for president. 

Hillary believes or says she believes, that Republicans support Donald Trump because they are afraid.

“It is really troubling to see the Republican Party turn themselves into a cult and basically pledge allegiance not to the United States of America but to Donald Trump,” Clinton said.

We believe she is saying this to simply hurt the GOP. She is still angry with DJT for ‘cheating’ her out of the presidency. The woman is obsessed.

She claims Republican congressmen are retiring because they “don’t have the stomach anymore to stand up and fight against extremism in their own party.”

The frequent Trump critic also said that after the 2016 election, she hoped Trump would “once in office, understand the enormity of the job, have some of that sense of humility that presidents need to have when they’re in the Oval Office.”

But “he never grew into the job. He never accepted the awesome responsibility that goes with being president,” the failed presidential candidate said.

President Trump greatly improved the economy, foreign affairs, and expanded our freedoms. What has Hillary done for us?


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