Bizarre reporters demand McEnany say Trump disavows white supremacists over and over


If you decide to watch today’s press conference with Kayleigh McEnanyn (below), you won’t believe how abusive, disrespectful, and irrational the reporters were. The attack by several reporters was over the false claim that the President has a mixed record on disavowing white supremacists. The line of questioning was insane, illogical, and bizarre.


President Trump has been forced to continually disavow and condemn white supremacists, the KKK, Nazis, and now a small organization that appears to possibly go to antifa and BLM riots to protect people (the Proud Boys). We can’t yet say we know enough to support them but they aren’t as portrayed.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden refuses to say the words ‘law and order’ during the debate.  He would not condemn antifa and BLM. Biden generally and mildly condemned the violence.

President Trump was asked if he would disavow white supremacy by partisan hack Chris Wallace in 2016 and again last Tuesday night as he moderated the debate — badly. He did. Biden wanted him to disavow the Proud Boys and he doesn’t even know who they are.

The reporters ganged up on her and they had to have planned this in advance to some degree. It was coordinated and focused. The main thrust is that Trump somehow didn’t disavow white supremacy. None of them care about Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are the actual rioters and looters.

Mrs. McEnany handles them well, but she shouldn’t have to go through this and the President shouldn’t be assaulted with fake narratives.

John Roberts kicked off the absurd line of attack, claiming President Trump won’t disavow white supremacists. She disavowed again and explained the President did over the years, on Tuesday, and again yesterday.


After the presser, Roberts actually said on Fox News that Ms. McEnany was only reviewing past comments — past being yesterday — and he wanted a disavowal today. She did do that but he said, she seemed to be “reluctant to do that for some reason.”

These people could make you think you are going mad. Does she have to slaughter a white supremacist on the podium before they will believe her? They would probably say she’s ambivalent.

Listen to this next nasty reporter as Kayleigh explains how the President advocated for the execution of a white supremacist. The rude reporter insisted his record is mixed which is not true.


Another vicious reporter from CNN kept up the insane line of questioning.


You can watch the entire presser here:

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