Bizarre reporters demand McEnany say Trump disavows white supremacists over and over


If you decide to watch today’s press conference with Kayleigh McEnanyn (below), you won’t believe how abusive, disrespectful, and irrational the reporters were. The attack by several reporters was over the false claim that the President has a mixed record on disavowing white supremacists. The line of questioning was insane, illogical, and bizarre.


President Trump has been forced to continually disavow and condemn white supremacists, the KKK, Nazis, and now a small organization that appears to possibly go to antifa and BLM riots to protect people (the Proud Boys). We can’t yet say we know enough to support them but they aren’t as portrayed.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden refuses to say the words ‘law and order’ during the debate.  He would not condemn antifa and BLM. Biden generally and mildly condemned the violence.

President Trump was asked if he would disavow white supremacy by partisan hack Chris Wallace in 2016 and again last Tuesday night as he moderated the debate — badly. He did. Biden wanted him to disavow the Proud Boys and he doesn’t even know who they are.

The reporters ganged up on her and they had to have planned this in advance to some degree. It was coordinated and focused. The main thrust is that Trump somehow didn’t disavow white supremacy. None of them care about Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are the actual rioters and looters.

Mrs. McEnany handles them well, but she shouldn’t have to go through this and the President shouldn’t be assaulted with fake narratives.

John Roberts kicked off the absurd line of attack, claiming President Trump won’t disavow white supremacists. She disavowed again and explained the President did over the years, on Tuesday, and again yesterday.


After the presser, Roberts actually said on Fox News that Ms. McEnany was only reviewing past comments — past being yesterday — and he wanted a disavowal today. She did do that but he said, she seemed to be “reluctant to do that for some reason.”

These people could make you think you are going mad. Does she have to slaughter a white supremacist on the podium before they will believe her? They would probably say she’s ambivalent.

Listen to this next nasty reporter as Kayleigh explains how the President advocated for the execution of a white supremacist. The rude reporter insisted his record is mixed which is not true.


Another vicious reporter from CNN kept up the insane line of questioning.


You can watch the entire presser here:



    • You obviously lack even the most basic survival instincts. I feel sorry for anyone who follows you, or takes your advice.

    • Hypocrisy. Ever wonder why people do not listen to the other side? Hypocrisy. Hate. Division.

      Whatever happened to the days where two people could believe 2 separate things, yet be respectful of each other’s beliefs?

      Many of us are just trying to live life, raise children, and just be decent people.

      The other people are being hateful while telling the other side they’re hateful, lying while telling the other side they’re lying, divisive while telling the other side they’re divisive……burning things to the ground, beating/causing violence while claiming to want unity, peace, and all of us to “come together as Americans”.

      That’s insanity. That’s hate. That’s hypocrisy at its finest. If you ever wanted to have your side heard and listened to – you threw that out with the garbage.

      Hypocrisy. Hate other’s beliefs and opinions…..yet want others to accept yours.

  1. John Roberts says he was looking for a “definitive statement” in the briefing today. So he was hammered on Twitter and HIS response is “the question needed to be asked”. What a low-life SOB. Who gives a Damn what Republicans have to say about it. He has the damn Gall to say, “stop deflecting, stop blaming the media”. Sounds like this bastard is trying to cover for Wallace asking the ridiculous question in the first place. (This is why I’m not on social media. I’d be kicked off before the day was over, after this). Fire that DAMN Roberts.

    Kennedy on the show is even worse. Apparently there isn’t a strong enough condemnation good enough for That woman. Go to hell, Kennedy. “There so much ambiguity here….”?? No surprise screech-voice Tarlov would accuse the Proud Boys of the violence and parrot Wray’s remarks.

    Bill Bennet is on the show and says Roberts is just wrong, play the tape again. Good for Bennet. (I’ve yet to watch the briefing).

    The People’s Pundit with Robert Barnes talked about Fox and says people don’t realize how many Camerota’s there are at Fox. It sounded like there must be swarms of them at the network.

    • They always had a lot of leftists there – I know from someone who works there and now it is much worse. She said Hannity is conservative but she’s not sure about anyone else.

    • “Covering for Wallace” was exactly what it was….. McEnany isn`t a seal that does whatever you ask for a fish snack. Tomorrow McEnany needs to run a highlight video of all the times Trump has disavowed “white supremists” and then run his entire statement on Charlottesville.

  2. The obsession by certain reporters over racism and white supremacy should be investigated for THEIR own racist tendencies. I’m firmly believing it is Their Own guilt that is coming out by questioning Trump. They are feeling guilty for being the racists They Are.

    There was a video clip of a hot mic that caught a number of racist remarks by some reporters. The camera wasn’t pointed at them so the identities weren’t known. I kept the link but has since been removed.

  3. The Leftists aren’t fooling anyone anyway, with this nonsense. Americans totally see CNN and the other “Gotcha” media clowns for the shills and propagandists they are.

    • Apparently enough Americans ( and others ) have not “seen the light”…as the Main sewer Stream fake Media still garners an “audience” – although diminishing, but not fast enough – and the imbeciles they deploy to foster their ignorance at gatherings such as these will continue to defecate in public…

  4. Anyone know why CNN is even permitted to be there ?? Sounds like arranged Kabuki theater to me. Is there some law that prevents Trump from blocking them ??

    • Yes, he has tried. He tried with Acosta and a couple of others only to get slapped back by judges over the 1st Amendment. These so-called reporters are really activists, but judges won’t buy it.

  5. Kayleigh even brought up the Palm Beach incident. She should have asked that “woman”, “Did you know…”, and if she deflected, Keep asking. Trump, ALONE, stopped the bigotry of Blacks and Jews. What has Biden ever done to Stop bigotry. Trump had to go through quite a bit to accomplish it. He pushed back there, in similar fashion as he did in the debate. So who is the racist Mr. WALKER, the putz.

  6. Clueless enemedia useful idiots still think that they control the narrative.
    Let them stew in their echo chamber of delusion while ogling vintage CCCP agitprop poster reprints in the commie shrine room of Jay “Carney” Barker.
    The true believer comrades are sticking it to the capitalist pigs while they feel the pain of the lumpen workaday proletariat from behind the teleprompter.
    Forward to the glorious man made people’s collective utopia…after a few more bong hits.

  7. Oh, John Roberts is tired of it. Cry me a friggin River John. It’s getting mighty damn old you hacks in the press feel the need to keep asking Republicans about racism or white supremacy. What’s IN YOUR CLOSET. It wasn’t Good Enough that Kayleigh gave example after example. What the damn hell do you want, have Trump come out every single damn day and say, “Today I condemn neo-Nazis and White Supremacy”. I’m totally done with Fox. I’d watch to see what was outrageous but this is too far beyond that. I won’t even be able to watch Tucker because it’s ON Fox and this episode will constantly be forefront. Tucker should get out while the getting is good.

    • I think that Tucker will leave after the election with what he has gone through . He’s sold his house and moved to New England. And I noticed that F0X John Roberts has had heart issues and some stints. Good I hope he strokes out. I am tired of these a$$holes in activism/media..

  8. They are wanting Trump to tire of doing the same thing over and over and if he doesn’t answer every time. they will report that he refused to disavow white supremacists. They are snakes in the grass…IMHO

  9. The left sure hates and fears “white supremacy.” About as much as they hate and fear Christianity and Free Speech. If they hate and fear it so much, I think I’ll start looking into it.

  10. We may have a reason for the hysteria of late concerning the need for Trump to condemn white supremacy. Recently there was a poll that had Trump’s approval among blacks around 40%. THAT is a disaster for Democrats, and more so for the press. They have to somehow get those numbers down. The fear of that translating into votes could have repercussions up and down, all over the place.

  11. The ONLY white supremacists out there are Antifa . Biden was best bud’s with Robert Byrd for God’s sakes LOL. Trump is by far the most pro black President in this countries history and the people who say it are African Americans.

  12. There’s one reporter there who seems to be usually respectful. I believe he’s the same one who asked about oil prices and Trump asked if he knew the current oil price. Most every time I’ve seen he asks decent questions without hyperbole or hostility.

  13. Answer Democrat smears masquerading as questions with a question. Exactly who is a racist white nationalist? Force Democrats to defame specific people or groups and then get sued the next day.

  14. John Roberts is 63 years old. His wife just asked the President the same question yesterday to Trump outside. Roberts is now just like Acosta. A spoiled baby. He is getting pummeled on Twitter=)

  15. John Roberts has caught the Acosta bug. Also his journalistic skills are retarded, the Proud Boys have 15% black membership, and is led by a Cuban American. Militias will be important during the kinetic portion of the civil war spawned by the Democrats. Fox news needs to look at upping the IQ of its staff.

  16. “White Supremacy” was today’s talking point. We will get a new talking point each day until elections. It is now beyond absurd and I am sure the American people are smarter than the reporters and will vote accordingly. They are trying to conflate the Proud Boys with “white supremacy” when most of them are war veterans who love their country dearly. Shame on the Communist press.

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