Muslim mother faced with cultural Marxism in the schools speaks out


While the following information concerns Virginia and Governor Northam, the same corruption of our school systems is going on in districts throughout the country. The far-left — critical race theory and cultural Marxism — is infiltrating schools, towns, cities thanks to well-funded but small numbers of leftists. This will eventually tear down all that our country stands for and all that has made it what it is.

Mrs. Nomani, a single Muslim woman from India went to her school board in Fairfax to complain about the Woke officials who are indoctrinating the children.

The children aren’t even back to school but instead of bringing people together, they are pitting people against one another by renaming schools, removing mascots, and indoctrinating the students with woke education. They are making millions with curricula on critical race theory, anti-racism, and cultural Marxism.

One Chinese immigrant told Ms. Nomani that she’s having terrible flashbacks to what went on in China before Tiananmen Square.

Watch the three-minute clip, you won’t regret it:


Mrs. Nomani is an activist for American values. She said that in the county next to Fairfax — Loudon County — school officials are punishing teachers who criticize Critical Race Theory [a truly abominable and racist theory].

She said the Loudoun County is across the border from her in Fairfax County, and the school board just used critical race theory to pass new admissions policies that discriminate against Asians applying to county STEM schools. It’s a Virginia scandal, spearheaded by Governor Blackface Northam’s administration.

Nomani advised, “start checking your school district teacher evaluation process. They have and will tie “Anti-Racism” into their yearly eval. They will use it to purge anyone who doesn’t buy in. This is an ideological battle over our children.”

Their logic is to fix past discrimination by discriminating against whites and Asians. They want to destroy the meritocracy.

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  1. The Red Guards are already groomed for this time of societal reset. Letting the CPUSA take over all of education was the Stalingrad on steroids error and It isn’t negative or a downer to prepare for what is coming.
    The Marxists have no mercy for you and you shouldn’t have any for them. They will make no excuses for the terror.

  2. The indoctrinators couldn’t wait to ring the bell and shut this intelligent woman up! I’m glad to see that parents are catching on and fighting back against the Social Justice indoctrination that’s sweeping our country.

  3. Similar to whats happening in my sons World History class out here in Issaquah WA. One month into the year and these are the assignments so far.

    Gender Bias
    Racism Case Study
    Microaggressions & Racist Jokes
    Why is North America up on a Map?

    Not one iota of history yet.

  4. That’s Leftist ideology is all about,and soon they will be teaching your kids Atheism and how Alla doesn’t exist,madam

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