Leader of Joe Biden’s designated ‘white supremacist’ group speaks out


Enrique Tarrio

During the presidential debate he moderated on Tuesday, Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump disavow white supremacists — the Proud Boys.

I don’t know much about Proud Boys but I know they are responsible for only 10 arrests in four years and their members only number in the hundreds. That’s hardly enough to draw moral equivalence to the hundreds of thousands of BLM and Antifa and their more than 10,000 arrests.

A high-ranking member of the FBI in Oregon said that the agency does not designate the Proud Boys as an extremist group, contradicting a report from a law enforcement official in Washington state in November 2018.

Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon said in December 2018 that there was a misinterpretation during a slide-show presentation hosted for officials at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Vancouver, Wash., according to the Oregonian.

And there is something else I know. Wallace should have known that the leader of the Proud Boys is black and they protect people from Joe Biden’s peeps, Antifa and BLM — who Biden would NOT condemn. He should have corrected Joe Biden, but Wallace came without facts of any kind. It’s one thing to not fact-check and quite another to smear a group to the world.

The Wallace question:

On Wednesday Proud Boy International Chairman Enrique Tarrio — an African-Hispanic American — condemned the smear.

And why is the group controversial? They go to Antifa and BLM riots to protect other Americans.



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