Leader of Joe Biden’s designated ‘white supremacist’ group speaks out

Enrique Tarrio

During the presidential debate he moderated on Tuesday, Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump disavow white supremacists — the Proud Boys.

I don’t know much about Proud Boys but I know they are responsible for only 10 arrests in four years and their members only number in the hundreds. That’s hardly enough to draw moral equivalence to the hundreds of thousands of BLM and Antifa and their more than 10,000 arrests.

A high-ranking member of the FBI in Oregon said that the agency does not designate the Proud Boys as an extremist group, contradicting a report from a law enforcement official in Washington state in November 2018.

Special Agent in Charge Renn Cannon said in December 2018 that there was a misinterpretation during a slide-show presentation hosted for officials at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Vancouver, Wash., according to the Oregonian.

And there is something else I know. Wallace should have known that the leader of the Proud Boys is black and they protect people from Joe Biden’s peeps, Antifa and BLM — who Biden would NOT condemn. He should have corrected Joe Biden, but Wallace came without facts of any kind. It’s one thing to not fact-check and quite another to smear a group to the world.

The Wallace question:

On Wednesday Proud Boy International Chairman Enrique Tarrio — an African-Hispanic American — condemned the smear.

And why is the group controversial? They go to Antifa and BLM riots to protect other Americans.





  1. It is nice to learn this about the Proud Boys. To me it makes no difference of their leader is a Black man or a White woman. They are a patriotic group who stands up for their rights and the rights of others. And the stories I have read about them show Democrat politicians support BLM and ANTIFA rioters but vindictively blame the Proud Boys for the violence. I believe in was in NYC where I once read the Proud Boys had a permit to protest, ANTIFA showed up and started the fights as they’re known to do but Proud Boys were blamed for the violence. I believe something similar is what happened in Charlotte.

  2. Ever since the debate CNN/ MSNBC have been bat sh*t crazy over this “President Trump won’t disavow white supremacists”, it just goes to show everyone they don’t research nothing.

  3. The FBI is too busy with garage pulls and attempted coups to stop the fearful menace of the white supremes lurking around every corner with Nazis.
    Bull Connors is setting up a length of fire hose by the segregated fountains because 1964 is forever.
    Are the white supremes any good? Or is it a Motown ripoff?

  4. Now this is something that burns me to no end. I really wish someone would ask Me that question. Right off the bat I would so NO. This has to be about the dumbest thing ever conceived. “Do you disavow”, “condemn”, or “condemn in the strongest possible terms”. It meaningless garbage and shouldn’t be given the dignity of an answer. It’s come to the point where just an association is looked down upon, e.g. the OK sign. By engaging the question you are giving power to a group with those beliefs. It’s no different when an horrific acts occurs and some politician will get up and say, emphatically, “I condemn that in the strongest possible terms”. Are you saying you are Part of that group but don’t like the act. One person who is an anti-Semite, but may say he’s anti-Zionist, has America First as his slogan. Does that mean condemning America, since he is a “proud American”. It’s a rabbit hole that is utterly stupid, in the extreme. It has allowed groups to co-opt normalcy and gain power from it. I would love to see just one person respond by saying, “Okay, we’ll round them all up and shoot them”.

  5. THIS is what we SHOULD be worried about. He’s a Former FBI Assistant Director. How many people like this are in the damn Federal Government. And we’re suppose to be worried about some obscure white groups that can’t do a thing. This is OUR damn Government. “VET” a candidate. It’s called an election DUMB ASS. How many idiots like this are in power Right NOW.


  6. John Roberts says he was looking for a “definitive statement” in the briefing today. So he was hammered on Twitter and HIS response is “the question needed to be asked”. What a low-life SOB. Who gives a Damn what Republicans have to say about it. He has the damn Gall to say, “stop deflecting, stop blaming the media”. Sounds like this bastard is trying to cover for Wallace asking the ridiculous question in the first place. (This is why I’m not on social media. I’d be kicked off before the day was over, after this). Fire that DAMN Roberts.

    Kennedy on the show is even worse. Apparently there isn’t a strong enough condemnation good enough for That woman. Go to hell, Kennedy. “There so much ambiguity here….”?? No surprise screech-voice Tarlov would accuse the Proud Boys of the violence and parrot Wray’s remarks.

    Bill Bennet is on the show and says Roberts is just wrong, play the tape again. Good for Bennet. (I’ve yet to watch the briefing).

    The People’s Pundit with Robert Barnes talked about Fox and says people don’t realize how many Camerota’s there are at Fox. It sounded like there must be swarms of them at the network.

  7. It’s Even WORSE than I thought. Roberts should be Fired Immediately, so he can go home to CNN. The next reporter is going nuts also. I’m not able to watch this in One setting.

  8. The obsession by certain reporters over racism and white supremacy should be investigated for THEIR own racist tendencies. I’m firmly believing it is Their Own guilt that is coming out by questioning Trump. They are feeling guilty for being the racists They Are.

    There was a video clip of a hot mic that caught a number of racist remarks by some reporters. The camera wasn’t pointed at them so the identities weren’t known. I kept the link but has since been removed.

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