People Question Uptick in Young Athletes Having Heart Attacks, Some Dying


There are websites — ‘Good Sciencing‘ and others tracking the number of athletes who have suffered cardiac arrests or serious issues after getting vaccinated. So far, 292 have suffered serious events and 167 have died.

The sites don’t list health history or the date of vaccination prior to the event.

However, the deaths or heart attacks of healthy young athletes are unusual.

Generally, sudden cardiac death in athletes, according to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Sports Cardiology, is rare. They report it occurs in about 1 in 150,000 high school athletes and about 1 in 43,000 college athletes.

Johns Hopkins Medicine reported on vaccine side effects, including myocarditis and pericarditis, which they also say are rare, “mild, and resolve quickly.”

Some wonder if the uptick in athletes suffering serious heart events is tied to the mRNA messaging.

Unfortunately, pervasive censorship of “unapproved” science by the government, media, big tech, big pharma, and academia, makes it difficult to determine how safe the vaccine is and if the CDC’s cost-benefit analysis is accurate.

Of course, people are skeptical or cautious.

The insane push to get everyone vaxxed, even young people not at risk, is not like anything we have ever seen before.  We know they don’t give a hoot about our health as they let criminals come across our borders freely and let unvaccinated people from foreign lands travel all over our nation. They don’t care about our health when they let tens of thousands of people from the terror-ridden nation of Afghanistan in without vetting them. What about the way they release criminals from prisons, end bail, defund the police, and make them afraid to do their jobs? How is that showing concern for our health?

Let’s face it, the vaccine has nothing to do with our health. If it does have serious and more frequent adverse effects, we will not know for some time.

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