Black Dancer Shamed For Performing “White” Dance


Morgan Bullock, a 21-year-old dancer from Virginia, is being shamed for performing Irish dances. She’s accused of “cultural appropriation.”

Her Tik-Tok video went viral, even being reposted by Beyonce’s mother. The multiple social media posts of her video have now been viewed over three million times.

Morgan is such an incredible Irish dancer that she has been invited to join Riverdance. During an Irish radio interview, Morgan was invited to dance with Riverdance in the U.S tour by lead dancer Padraic Moyles. She was taken aback. She said, “My heart just dropped.”

In addition, Irish Prime Minister Leo Eric Varadkar invited her to perform in Ireland in 2021 for St. Patrick’s Day.

Morgan fell in love with Irish dancing when she saw it at a recital, she told a BBC interviewer. She said she was always the only black dancer in her class, but she was never made to feel uncomfortable.

Accusing Morgan of cultural appropriation is nothing short of racist! Dancers perform many styles and kinds of dances during their careers. Also, some of the Riverdance dancers are not Irish! That includes Walter “Sundance” Freeman and Tarik Winston, both of whom are also black.

White people are often accused of cultural appropriation for what they wear, the music they listen to, their hair styles, and Halloween costumes. But it’s unusual for a black person to be accused of it.

Morgan received a lot of negative comments, especially on Twitter, and mostly from people outside the dance world. She said, “People are failing to recognize the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation.” She feels people are using the term “appropriation” without knowing what it means.

Dancing with Riverdance is a dream of hers. But the U.S. Riverdance tour has been postponed because of COVID-19. What a shame it would be if Morgan’s dream was dashed by a bunch of ignorant trolls.

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