Black Hebrew Israelite & cohort believed to have targeted Jewish Deli in Jersey City Shooting


The shooting that unfolded at a kosher market in Jersey City, N.J. Tuesday, was a “targeted” attack, according to officials who say at least one of the suspects had published anti-Semitic and anti-police posts online before opening fire Tuesday.

Officer Joseph Seals, a 39-year-old husband and father of five, and three innocents were killed in the deli. At least one other Hasidic Jewish man was wounded. The Jewish victims and  a store worker were killed inside the deli, along with the two killers.

Officer Joe Seals



David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50

David Anderson, one of the attackers, was part of Black Hebrew Israelites or was part. It is a black anti-Semitic supremacist sect. He had extensive anti-police and racist posts online. The other killer is Francine Graham.


The Black Israelites were the lunatics who verbally assaulted the Covington Catholic Schoolboys. We’ve written about them at other times. And they aren’t Israelites.

They believe in converting people by screaming at bystanders and getting them riled up.


Investigators believe the attack was plotted against the Jewish deli, located just across the Hudson River from New York City.

The slain officer was a veteran Cease Fire detective who was a married father of five, who worked to take guns off the streets, and who had previous heroism on the force. You can read about his life here.

Police later said he had approached two suspicious people in a cemetery when they opened fire and then fled to the bodega. NBC New York reported, through sources, that surveillance video shows the two suspects “shoot a Hasidic man on the street and then run into the store, where they began firing at the victims inside.” The suspects “had…bomb-making materials inside the truck,” the station reported.

The mayor said of the footage: “We can see the van moving through Jersey City streets slowly, the perpetrator stopped in front of there, calmly opened the door with two long rifles, him and the other perpetrator, and began firing from the street into the facility.”

It Was Targeted

No law enforcement officials have publicly said the suspects targeted Jews or police, but a source told The New York Times one of the suspects involved in the shooting that left four people dead — including a police officer — published anti-Semitic and anti-police sentiments online, leading authorities to believe it was a motive.

The killers were identified by NBC News. Little is known about them. They left a rambling, anti-Semitic ‘religious’ note.

According to The New York Times, police found guns, ammunition and a live pipe bomb in a stolen U-Haul truck Anderson and Graham were driving at the time of the shootings. Investigators also found a “brief and rambling” manifesto-style note in the van, but it did not include a clear motive.

They had a lot of ammo, enough to kill a lot more people but the police were on the scene quickly.

The shooting took place over three separate locations.





  1. Esau aka so called “white” leadership of the system create a news STORY all fake to make the true Israelites aka negroes, Latinos, native Americans the new face of “terror”…lies by the same people that told you they landed on the moon and that cesare Borgia was the son of God. Idiots, satanists and brainwashed people will all believe the white man lol

  2. BHI Cult Debunked:
    The Jews were never black, they were Olive Skinned(light tan color) just like today. In Job 30:30 Ha’Satan strikes him with a skin disease that turned it black and made it peel. The entirety of Job 30 is dedicated to Job’s suffering and complaining about it. The heat in his bones and black skin are mentioned together because they are both symptoms. Again in Lamentations 4:7-4:8 skin “Dark/Black as coal” is attributed to malnourishment and sickness. In the previous verse 4:6 it describes the princes before the plague as “whiter then milk, redder then rubies”. If their skin was black to begin with how could it become black? In song of songs 1:6 the woman tells people not to stare at her because of her dark skin implying it unusual for the area she is living in (Israel). Also she states that the reason her skin is dark is because her brothers forced her to work out in the field. Jeremiah says “Can an Ethiopian change his skin?” implying a skin tone darker then Jews. Why say anything at all if they are both black? Solomon is described as red or ruddy(Adom) (perhaps tan or sunburn). When black people blush their faces don’t turn red, it is only obvious when one has light skin. Ruddy by definition means to have a healthy reddish tint from being outside a lot. His black hair(Shakor) is described as shiny(Paz/gold) and curly/wavy(Taltallim). African hair is kinky/frizzy and doesn’t shine.Yafet had a son Yavan(Greece) and guess what Greeks were always white. So the three sons of Noah were not all black, only Kham proven by his sons Mitzrayim(Egypt) and Kush(Sudan). In Daniel God had white clothing and white hair(Wool is white). The color white(Not the race) represents purity, remember how it says “Come, I pray you, and we reason, saith Jehovah, If your sins are as scarlet, as snow they shall be white, If they are red as crimson, as wool they shall be!(Isaiah 1:18). I imagine you wouldn’t argue that sins can look like wool. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek. In English Revelation says Fine Brass but in it’s orginal greek it says “Chalkolibano” a greek word made up of Chalkos(Copper) and Libano( Greek word for Lebanon(Phoenician etymology means white, hence to make white hot or shine). This is backed up by the fact that it uses the word refined in english(Pepyromenes) meaning to be perfected or to make glow. The whole point is that his skin SHINES. Chalkos means copper not bronze. Copper is a shiny reddish brown not black, but like I said the point is it shines. The word for bronze is broúntzos in Greek.” Brass is Oreichalchos in greek. This matches Ezekiel 1:27, which describes God as “Looking like GLOWING metal or amber(kashmal)”. It says in Revelation 1:14 his hair was “WHITE LIKE wool, not that it looks like wool.” BHI black supremacist cult members often mention Deuteronomy 28:68 but African slaves were brought from Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory coast, Togo, benin, nigeria delta (w/e), Gabon, Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Madagascar. It never even made it to Egypt. People often say what about the leprosy plague, this implies a darker skin tone then white(Olive skin tone “Tan”) not black. Also this disease “Tzaraat” caused green streaks on clothing/walls and reddish-white spots on skin, things that Vitiligo doesn’t do(Leviticus 14:34-14:37). Have you ever seen the Dura-Europos Synagogue murals? Clearly not black. Edom was located in modern day Jordan so how can you argue that they were or are white?They would have gotten horrible sunburn since clothing cannot protect someone entirely. Salvation is for all (Isaiah 49:6, 56:7, 56:3, 56:6-56:7. Galatians 3:28/Acts 10:34-35, Acts 13:47, Titus 2:11) .
    Being transported by ships in order to become slaves in another country is in no way unique. There are people being transported by ship in order to become slaves in others countries at this very moment, does that make them Israelites too? All races were slaves at one point or another, white women for example were a favorite target of Arab men. Delos was a Greek Island and a popular place to sell slaves. What do you need to get to an island? You people also insist on mentioning 400 years of slavery. The Jews spent 400 years enslaved in Mitzrayim. Khamites enslaved in America were only enslaved for 246 years(1619-1865).
    Deuteronomy 28 debunked:
    There is no record of Slaves having “boils, tumors, festering sores”. They also never “planted “vineyards, they planted sugar cane, cotton, and rice. In america the slaves were made to worship the God of the Bible and Jesus, so, no they were not forced to worship”Other gods of wood and stone that neither you nor your ancestors have known”. There is no evidence that crops were eaten by locust on planatations. Again the slaves never “ate their children out of desperate starvation”, this is clearly a reference to the Babylonian and Aramean sieges. In 2 Kings 6:28-29 they were running low on food and the Aramean soldiers kept them from leaving their Samariah. This very same thing occurs during the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon mentioned in Lamentations 2:20/4:10. This is all obviously hinting at the future Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman Exiles.
    Not allowed to hate Edom:
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    Middle eastern view of White Race:
    I consider myself a Messianic Jew but Islams hadiths give insight to how Middle Easterners or at least arabs saw race. Since Arabs(Yishmael) are related to the Jews(Isaac) their views on race were likely similar. In one of their hadiths(Quran Tafsir Ibn Kathir) it is explained that they never refer to white people as white but rather red (Ahmar). The hadith describes Yeshua as red as well(Abdur-Rahman bin Adam /Abu Hurayrah). In these Bible verses 1 Samuel 16:12, 1 Samuel 17:42, Song of Solomon 5:10, King David and Solomon are both described as Red(Admoni and Adom in the original Hebrew). They are also described as having shiny(Paz) black curly hair(Taltallim). African hair is Frizzy or kinky not curly and doesn’t shine. Since they Lived in the desert clearly they couldn’t be flat out white, but OLIVE SKINNED(Light tan with yellowish tint) just like Jews are today.
    Genesis 17:10-17:14 Black people didn’t know circumcision until 1819, when the government made it law for slaves to be circumcised.
    Other Arguments:
    Acts 13:1 is not even really a legitimate argument, Simon called Niger was a Christian follower who happened to be black, so what? It doesn’t prove anything. Revelation 2:9 the obvious implication is that he is disowning the Jews who gave themselves over to cults(Other gods) and don’t follow his Torah laws. Its all about false teachings. You can get an idea what’s getting God mad by the fact that he mentioned the Nick-o-lai-tans moments before. He also told Jews to return to the way they were at first in 2:5. Revelation 3:9 can be explained similarly in 3:8 God talks about people keeping his word and didn’t deny his name. 3:10 does the same.
    Apocrypha mistakes: 2 Esdras 7:26-28 400 years with Yeshua then he died, doesn’t read properly, old testament never mentioned Yeshua by name but Esdras did. Angel in Tobit lie about name and lineage, Judith falsely calls Nebuchadnezzar king of Assyria, Esdras says the Edomites burned the Temple even though it was Nebuzaradan of Babylon. “You also have vowed to build up the temple, which the Edomites burned when Judea was made desolate by the Chaldees”. 2 Esdras 4:23 Ezra asks why God is punishing Israel using the Gentiles, he already knew why Ezra

    Avraham, the ancestor of the Jews was from Babylon(Iraq), so chances are the Jews would resemble him. These are pictures of Sumerians and Babylonians, notice their long thin noses and big eyes, these are common Arab traits. The Lamassu obviously aren’t human, but obviously their face would be made to look like the inhabitance of Babylon. None of them look like black people and it cannot be argued otherwise. Testing of Jewish DNA shows that they are related to Kurds, this proves my point as Arpachshad, the oldest ancestor of the Jews was located in Arpachitis, Kurdistan. Finally the bottom link shows the statue head of a Israeli king found in Israel, even with the nose broken it cannot be a black person. Notice the almond eyes, a common Jewish trait. Before anyone says it, dreadlocks are not a part of Black/African culture. Multiple non-black people have worn their hair like this, Sumerians, Babylonians, Indians, some Greeks, vikings, Polynesians, etc.

    Shem(Asia and Yellow-tan Race): Elam(SW Iran), Ashur(Iraq),Arpakshad(Arpachitis, Kurdistan), Lud(W Turkey), Aram(Syria) All Middle Eastern countries except for Lud who decided to live in Europe instead.

    Kham(Africa and Black Race): Kush(Sudan-Ethiopia), Mitzrayim(Egypt), Phut(Libya), Kena’an(Canaan) All African countries except for Kena’an who looked different from the other siblings because of interbreeding on the way from Africa into the Middle East. Or they were Berbers.

    Yafet(Europe and White Race): Gomer(NW Armenia), Magog(E Turkey), Madai(NW Iran), Yavan(Greece),
    Tuval(SC Turkey), Meshek(Georgia), Tiras(Thrace) All white European countries except for Madai, White Indo-aryans that decided to live in the Middle East instead.

    I know these are the countries for various reasons. There was a Kush Empire in Sudan and the Kushite Pharaoh Taharqa is was from Sudan. Phut which comes from Phaiat is well known to be Libya. In Armenia there is a place called Gyumeri which in turkish is Gumr(u), the u is a accusative suffix. Madai is very clearly the origin of the term Mede which is in Iran. Yavan is obviously greece as the Goat with a one horn that was replaced with four horns, represents Alexander the Greats kingdom in Daniel. In Turkey there was a empire called Tabal which is believed to be Tuval. In Georgia there was a tribe known as Meshketi, hence Meshekh.

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