Black man confronts Antifa in MN, BLM scrawls ‘kill cops, no more white babies’ in LA


First up, a courageous black man takes on Antifa terrorists and tries to get them to stop the violence in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. He stands between the police and the violent terrorists shouting them down.

How much of this violence is meant to distract from the power grab of the Supreme Court of the United States?

Black Lives Matter marched in Los Angeles leaving behind tags that perfectly represent who they are — “kill cops” and “no more white babies.” Meanwhile, you have moronic TV discussions like the one with Geraldo (see after this post by Ngo). He’s feeding pablum to the masses.

Geraldo put the blame for the riots on the police.

Portland rioters are converging on Minneapolis [to affect trials] according to intelligence. The Biden administration will do nothing to stop this.

This wise guy in Brooklyn Center is holding a can he plans to throw but winks and says, “it’s soup for my family.”

Keep in mind that these rioters are self-described communists and anarchists.

Here we go with the pig’s head from the America haters:

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