Geraldo calls Dan Bongino a “punk” and a “son of a bitch”


Hardcore leftist Geraldo Rivera, who pretends he’s a Republican or moderate at various times, offered a truly stupid solution to mistaking a taser for a gun.

As Dan Bongino tried to offer the counter, Geraldo, the empty safe guy, screamed out, “you’re nothing but a name-caller…you’re a cheap shot artist.”

Hannity got Geraldo to shut up and Bongino tried to explain that Geraldo was never a cop. That’s when Geraldo, known for giving away our military locations, shouted, “I know more than you. What do you know? What, did you have a ten-minute career as a cop? You’ve been running for office for the last twenty years.”

Hannity told Geraldo to stop, and Bongino said, “Take a valium.” He added that he should calm down since he’s a “70-year-old man.”

Bongino then explained the cross-draw in response to Geraldo’s stupid suggestion about where to keep a taser.

They each accused the other of not dealing with facts.

Geraldo accused Bongino of making him the issue. Then he made Bongino the issue. Geraldo complained of the riots and the need to reassure black people that cops aren’t out to get them. [Stats already prove that.]

Dan interrupted and said the problem is “because of you,” meaning the media.

Hannity brought up non-lethal alternatives. He also doesn’t know what he’s talking about on this issue. We can’t have cities burning down, Hannity said.

Bongino said it’s happening because people like Geraldo keep churning out a “race narrative with no data to back it up at all.” [Geraldo had pumped out false facts earlier in the ‘discussion’]

Geraldo said Bongino is the reason people have this rage. Bongino said Geraldo wants “to see the country burn.” Geraldo called him a “son of a bitch” and a “punk.”

Bongino added that “you wouldn’t tell me that to my face.”




    • I saw the interview with Geraldo and his nutty idea. Absolute insanity and just goes to prove that Bongino was right about him.

  1. Geraldull is the token lefty on FAUX.
    Al Capone’s vault is calling.
    Memesters have went nuts over mistaking a yellow taser for a service weapon from a 25 year veteran making $90k a year and union leader. Union=CPUSA every time.
    Something fishy in Denmark as the true believers are hellbent on wiping it all out.

  2. There was a time when I thought FOX News should can Geraldo Rivera, but he has become a gift that just keeps on giving. He shows FOX viewers just how insane, unhinged, and just plain stupid a Liberal is.

  3. I think Gerald Rivers knows that he’s washed up and irrelevant. By picking this argument with Dan Bongino, he hopes to attach his name to Bongino’s as some type of foil to Bongino’s views. Dan Bongino is popular and getting more so, Rivera just wants to attach himself to that popularity for a free ride. Just like parasites do.

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