Black Man Kills 2 White Men Allegedly Because They’re White


Carlton Gilford is charged with two counts of murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill, and one count of malicious intimidation or harassment (hate crime). The District Attorney didn’t provide details but believes he can prove Gilford killed both men because. they were white.

When will the riots and protests start demanding justice for the victims? Should we stop cars and trains like in New York City. [Sarcasm]

Here are the NY leftists trying to prejudice the grand jury in New York:

The leftists are causing black people to kill white people with their constant lies and incitement. People weren’t frequently killing people over race before the leftists got involved.

NY Post Report

Gilford was arrested in April for shooting and killing two men in north Tulsa.

On Monday, Tulsa’s district attorney announced Gilford is being charged with Oklahoma’s version of a hate crime.

Under Oklahoma law, there is no specific hate crime statute, but malicious intimidation or harassment includes targeting someone based on race. They were white.

Carlton Gilford possibly killed two men he didn’t know over race.

Police say Gilford went to the library and shot and killed Lundin Hathcock while he sat at a desk.

Then officers say Gilford went to the nearby QuikTrip and shot James McDaniel in the head.

Police said Gilford was also caught on surveillance video firing shots at a security guard and another person outside the QuikTrip. When officers arrived, he was standing outside the store. He admitted to shooting the two men, the Tulsa Police Department said on its Facebook page.

“The information suggests that race played a role in it,” Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler told local CBS affiliate KOTV. “I feel like that is something we can prove, and it is something that a judge or jury obviously needs to listen to. So, we will present that information along with everything else.”

Gilford, whose jail records describe him as homeless, is being held without bond and is due back in court on June 23.  Another homeless man who needed to be put away.

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