BLM, AOC, Gov. Hochul Move to Persecute a Marine


A Marine named Daniel Penny and two other men, one black, restrained a mentally ill homeless man who was threatening passengers on a subway train. The man, Jordan Neely, was arrested more than 44 times. He was described by people who were confronted by him as scary and dangerous. Mr. Neely was a danger to others for at least ten years. He was released over and over without the help he needed.

Jordan Neely tried to kidnap a 7-year-old girl in 2015 and only got 4 months in prison.

Mr. Penny said he acted in self-defense when he subdued Mr. Neely.

There was an active assault arrest warrant for Mr. Neely when this incident happened.

Jordan Neely subdued by Daniel Penny

The three men moved in to protect the passengers he was threatening.  The Marine in question said he meant no harm.  Mr. Penny had Mr. Neely by the face and neck and yelled for passengers to call the police and an ambulance.

The city is lawless, which happens when dangerous people are loose on the streets because there is no enforcement.

AOC is ranting, claiming the Marine is a murderer. Gov. Hochul wants him brought to justice. Neither should be weighing in, prejudicing the grand jury that will meet next week. Isn’t it past time for people to stop prosecuting people without trial?

New York City Mayor Adams called AOC “irresponsible” for calling the Marine a murderer. A war of words ensued.

As protesters gathered on the New York City subway system after Neely’s death, Ocasio-Cortez incited them even further by claiming that the homeless black man was “murdered.”

Her words came after the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. However, they don’t even have the toxicology reports yet.

Mr. Penny

If Mr. Penny, a former Marine sergeant, wanted to kill him, he could have in seconds.

BLM, NYC Leftists Want to Persecute the Marine

Black Lives Matter is helping to run New York City into the ground. They are violent communists, and they’re out on the streets calling this a “lynching.” They want to make it into another Goerge Floyd issue.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
6 months ago

And out come the ignorant and stupid …proving how ignorant and stupid they ARE!!! The imbecilic Main sewer Stream fake Media will do what they can to fan the flames….and the Demoncrap leftist WILL do their ‘damndest’ to help ‘thusly’…

6 months ago

Only 4 months in Jail for trying to kidnap a child. Liberals just plain refuse to protect Society from Criminals and the Mentally Ill – their own kind! When confronted by the Cretins of the World, you subdue them until the Police can take them into custody. If they are going to continue to try to escape Justice you do what is needed. What took the police so long? The problem is always that when seconds count, they police are usually minutes away. In Big Blue Cities, you’re lucky if they bother to show up at all.

This wasn’t Daniel Penny fault. It was NYC’s fault for not dealing with this issue. Jordan Neely was clear threat to society and the City of New York allowed him to terrorize the city. The city is prosecuting Penny just to coverup their incompetence, and Lawlessness.

We see the same thing with the J6 Persecutions. The Government Deep State Bureaucrats Stole the 2020 Election and are covering up their crimes with prosecutions. We now Officially live in a Third World Banana Republic. There will be Revolution, there always is when a Government oppresses it’s people. The only question now is will it be by a vote of the People (US Citizens) or by a Civil War. Civil War is usually faster and tends to remove the Tyrants permanently. The means of their removal is always up to the Tyrants. In most cases they do not chose wisely!

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

I watched several videos of those leftists screaming in the face of police officers, shoving them, fighting them…it looks like an insurrection to me.

But since Democrats are above the law, there will not be any consequences for those very violent leftards.

Jordan Neely was arrested 44 times , had hit a woman in the face, yet was still free to commit more crimes, that confirms democrats ( especially black ones ) are above the law.

Last edited 6 months ago by Canadian Friend
6 months ago

15 minutes is a long time to be in a choke hold. Anybody who doesn’t think so, let someone put that move on you.I think the Marine went overboard. Manslaughter or murder? NO. This deceased pond scum, you’ll probably find that he was jacked up on drugs like Floyd, not to mention being a crazy fool. All this outrage from the black community is all they need to start a summers worth of looting and destruction. They don’t give a rats ass about the dead guy. Just an excuse for reparation time. Its a shame they don’t get all worked up about black on black crime in their community but then they are once removed from the savage beasts of Africa where killing each other is a common thing. Final point. Stay the hell out of New York city!!