Carlson Gives an Electrifying Speech in Oxford, Alabama


As reported by The Epoch Times, Carlson spoke in Oxford, Alabama, to over 1200 people, filling the rows to capacity. Tucker received a standing ovation as he entered. His hard-hitting, inspirational speech warranted it.

The Rainbow Omega faith-based nonprofit organized it. They work with the disabled.

Carlson agreed to speak at the event six months ago.

“When I accepted this speech,” he joked, I didn’t realize how much free time I would have.”

He warned about “manufactured” political and social issues that could lead to the “end of democracy” and the “enslavement” of the American people.

“American politics is supposed to be designed to improve people’s lives, but what is the point of it actually? As we’re worried about these big abstract problems in faraway places, or claiming we can control the weather or whatever we’re claiming, there are kids with developmental disabilities who have aging parents, and the parents are legit terrified about what happens when they pass.

“I’m starting to really believe that the divisions that we see in our society are pretty much manufactured.”

We have seen that in every riot and trumped-up cause. Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, Trayvon riots, and the attack over a mentally ill criminal in New York City, now raised to the status of saint. The people who rally and often riot are organized, use printed signs, are trained by hard-left militants, and cause mayhem and fear until the target is punished to their satisfaction.

Carlson went back to Obama’s terms as President.

“Obama’s first term was how we were going to get past race. I didn’t vote for the guy, but everybody I knew was excited, and so was I. We elect some guy I disagree with, but we get to the point where we stop picking at the scab and move forward as one country. Why wouldn’t I be for that? As a Christian, I was totally for that.”

He said it changed in the second term.

“Oh no, we’re not post-racial. All we’re going to talk about is race and make each other hate each other on the basis of race. I don’t think most Americans hate each other on the basis of their ethnic differences. I think a lot of that is just a lie, actually, designed to distract people…”

“I just think that at some point, you have to call it what it is—which is lying. And lying with a very specific purpose, which is to avert your gaze, to pull your attention away from the things that matter. That’s not news coverage. That’s just classic propaganda.”

The Democrat Party has been manufacturing racism for a long time, trying to bring us back to 1964 for political expediency.

Carlson noted that a democratic society cannot properly function when public communication is distorted and shut down. And fake ‘news’ media are putting out half-truths, disingenuousness, omissions, and bald-faced lies.

“The first effect is to, kind of, end democracy. The whole idea of democracy is based on the understanding that the people who vote will have some knowledge of what they’re voting on—what the real issues are–they’ll be informed citizens.

“But when the media industry is collectively excluding issues that matter, such as crime, immigration, and the economy, the population becomes uninformed, which undermines a fundamental part of democracy.

“The harm brought by the media industry is compounded by a lack of authenticity from the entire federal government, including politicians from both political parties.

“If they can’t even tell you the truth about a communicable disease that’s killing people, they’re actually lying to you about that. You can’t believe anything. Well, that’s very bewildering. That’s actually a form of chaos, which is the one condition people can’t handle.”

People are ill-informed and continually fall for it.

Tucker continued, “Seek truth in your human relationships—always with humility—mindful that it’s pretty hard to get to the core truth of anything in this life. And while we may never get to what is the deepest level of truth, we can move in that direction.

“We can begin by telling the truth ourselves. What we can control is what we do. And they can impose lies on us—it doesn’t mean we have to live them. Because it robs you of the only thing that matters, which is your humanity, your God-given humanity, and it makes you something less than human.”

It’s not always easy to do, but we must try, especially with leftist AI coming on the scene.

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