Blackface Northam orders Virginians to wear masks in public indoors, prefers them outside too


Gov. Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam on Tuesday ordered Virginia residents to wear masks in indoor public areas to combat the coronavirus. He “strongly recommends” face coverings outdoors.

Virginians over the age of 10 will be forced to wear a face-covering when using public transportation and visiting salons, barbershops, and retail stores.

Masks also must be worn in restaurants, except when eating. That’s big of him.

This is the man who did not wear a mask at the oceanfront of Virginia Beach over the Memorial Day weekend. And he hadn’t been tested. He could have had the virus.

“I was not prepared — I am responsible for that,” Northam said. “The next time, I will be better prepared. But this is not just about me. This is about all Virginians and their public safety.”

Maybe he was angry that he got caught and this is his revenge?


The Virginia Department of Public Health will enforce it, not the police. He said it’s not a misdemeanor. However, the actual text of the order, issued three hours later, says “any willful violation or refusal, failure, or neglect to comply with this order … is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.”

Northam has not yet explained the discrepancy between him saying it’s not a misdemeanor and the wording of the order.

His other rules are, if you’re vulnerable, stay at home; no social gatherings of more than 10; social distance; telework; face coverings in public; some limits eased on faith communities and businesses.

The virus isn’t gone and this isn’t over. We get that, but face coverings when you’re just walking around in the open air seems a bit much. I’m not doing it.

What the hay happened to free Virginia? It’s like a communist country.

Jerry Falwell supports it now:



  1. The people of Virginia voted this jerk in office so they have to live with his dictatorial edicts. Grin and bear it and they’ll vote for him again next term. That’s what these low information voters do.

  2. CNN reported in a Feb. 7, 2019, article that Gov. Northam confirmed he was in the 1984 medical school yearbook blackface photo. He released a lengthy apology. Why have so many people who appeared in old blackface photos been fired, while Northam continues to serve as governor with impunity? Oh wait, he’s a Democrat. My bad.

  3. Really so what is the medical blackground (hee har) of Blackie North? I’ll get my advice from a teenage climate activist instead.
    Masks up and don’t close the blast doors to your heart.

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