President to sign a social media executive order on Thursday


Donald Trump will sign an executive order on ‘social media’ on Thursday, after threatening to close platforms he says are censoring conservatives. This follows Twitter tyrants fact-checking his tweets according to their beliefs.

White House aides told reporters about the order that’s coming while traveling on Air Force One

They have no details about what the executive order would say, although Trump has been irate over the fact-checking of his tweet.

In Wednesday morning tweets, the president said he would regulate or ‘close down‘ social media companies he perceived as censoring conservative voices.

He also tweeted earlier today, “Twitter has now shown that everything we have been saying about them (and their other compatriots) is correct. Big action to follow!”

On Tuesday, Twitter had flagged two Trump tweets that suggested mail-in voting was riper for widespread voter fraud than casting in-person votes. Just as an aside, common sense alone tells you that is true. The censors not only flagged them, but they also linked to fake news CNN Politics as proof that the President was spreading false news.

The president and the GOP are against governors’ plans to send ballots to every American since it will cause disruption, confusion, and fraud.

While Democrats argue this is the best way to vote for citizens’ safety, Trump says that ballots could be stolen, harvested or created fraudulently.

Democrats used to feel exactly the same way.


Twitter is a private organization and they don’t have to abide by the 1st Amendment. He needs to be very careful about this executive order. He could have right and left against him. The Supreme Court has already ruled on the issue in general.

The censors, aka fact-checkers, for these social media platforms, are almost all left-wingers. They stalk the right-wing pages and attack when they make a mistake, and even when they don’t. We were just cited on Facebook for a meme that was a harmless joke and another meme with an incorrect quote that was more than five years old!

Twitter is  a sewer but Dorsey leaves a lot of blather up. He let Trump’s attacks on Scarborough as a murderer stay up on the platform.

People don’t want the government regulating a communication platform owned by a private company. On the other hand, all means of public communication are controlled by biased leftists with biased censors. There is really no way to fight them. Once in a while, you can appeal but you can’t put in an explanation and you don’t have to be told what you did wrong.

Something has to be done. They enjoy special privileges as neutral platforms, only they’re not neutral.

President Trump retweeted this:

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