Blame Shifting: Inflation Is Transitory, Good, and Putin Did It


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blames Putin for the soaring gas prices despite the fact that Putin’s invasion was on February 24th. Putin’s quite amazing if he was able to increase gas prices by 6.6% in only four days of February.

“First it was transitory,” Rick Santelli, a CNBC Business News editor, said. “Then ‘inflation is good.’ Then we went to corporate greed, now we’re at Putin,” Rick Santelli made the comment on a “Squawk Box” segment. Prior to that, he said nothing was “more politicized than inflation.”

We get a lot of excuses, but never the truth and never any attempt to reverse damaging policies. Donald Trump had the same conditions with the pandemic and the economy was great. Gas prices were low.

She has consistently blamed him for inflation in the past two weeks and dishonestly calls the increases Putin’s price hikes. We already dealt with the many reasons this is not true on the link.

Fox News’s White House correspondent Peter Doocy came right out and asked Jen Psaki about the shifting of blame.

“Inflation goes up today, the President’s statement blames the ‘Putin Price Hike’. Are you guys going to just start blaming Putin for everything until the midterms?”

Doocy better be careful or he’ll be labeled a ‘Putin puppet’.

Psaki answered by going back to the day Putin lined up troops on the Ukraine border and added that the price of gas went up 75 cents since that time. We’d like to see how the two equate. What evidence does she have that it’s the reason when gas has been soaring consistently under the Biden reign in direct response to his policies?

The White House propagandist then included the pandemic as the biggest cause of inflation. But that was last year and now she has to blame Putin.

Putin actually responded when Joe Biden blamed him and said he, as president, could do nothing.

“Supplies of Russian oil, say, to the American market do not exceed 3%. This is a negligible amount. And their prices are growing. We have absolutely nothing to do with it,” Russian President Putin said on Thursday. “They just hide behind these decisions in order to deceive once again their own population.”

Democrats’ wild spending and policies attacking US energy policy are ignored as the administration blame shifts.

The White House takes no responsibility for what they’ve done.  At the same time, they continue to poke the bear.
Putin views our sanctions as a declaration of war. He has the means to get his revenge and the White House should stop the attacks and prepare us for what he might do to us when he’s done with Ukraine.

What happens when people can’t pay their gas or home heating bills? We could face civil unrest. Is Biden preparing for that? He seems only ready to pretend he’s a victim of evil forces while he does everything right.

This administration is very dangerous.


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