Blinken thinks Taliban might be allies in our counterterrorism efforts


It is illegal for the United States to negotiate with terrorists so why is the administration doing it? Will no one challenge them as they destroy the country?

The administration is the enemy, acting illegally, against our interests. They seem to act out of abject stupidity. It doesn’t stop with illegal negotiations.

Blinken actually thinks the Taliban could be allies in our counterterrorism efforts. Yes, he is that absurd. We cannot survive these people — I mean the US administration. It’s not just Afghanistan burning, it’s the US.

Why doesn’t Blinken invite Taly-ban to the next meeting of the Chiefs of Staff? [sarcasm]

Go to about 41:00 and listen as he says they might be able to help us in these efforts:

Lara Logan checked on the law and what they are doing is illegal. The administration is talking about sending them humanitarian aid, and they have already left $83 billion in US equipment.

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