Obama judge dealt a MAJOR blow to oil & gas & US survival


Over the past several months, Joe Biden has canceled the XLPipeline and leveled onerous regulations on gas and oil. He followed that up by asking OPEC to churn out more oil, which they rejected.

In other words, he won’t let us produce our own oil and gas to be free of our enemies.

Now, we have a far-left judge dealing a massive blow to the gas industry.

An Obama-appointed federal district judge, Sharon Gleason, invalidated former President Donald Trump’s permits for the Willow Project, a massive oil and gas development proposed by the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A).

The project would generate oil — a necessary flow — for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System which is responsible for much of the gas produced in North America.

According to Natural Gas Intel, Judge Gleason stated that the environmental impact statement for the Willow Project required a quantitative estimate of the emissions resulting from oil consumption, and there’s no explanation why it could not be produced.

She was obviously looking for any technicality.


The 110-page ruling cited plaintiffs including environmentalist organizations and native groups who were opposed to the oil and gas project over its potential impacts to the environment, including local wildlife populations of the reindeer and polar bears.

In her order, Alaska District Court Judge Sharon Gleason said she was vacating the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s approval of the development in part because the agency failed to include greenhouse gas emissions from foreign oil consumption in its environmental analysis. It also “failed to adequately analyze a reasonable range of alternatives” for the project, she wrote.

Gleason also said the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did not outline specific measures to mitigate the project’s impact on polar bears.

“Make no mistake, today’s ruling from a federal judge trying to shelve a major oil project on American soil does one thing: outsources production to dictatorships and terrorist organizations,” said Alaskan Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

“We are giving America over to our enemies piece by piece,” he said. “The Willow project would power America with 160,000 b/d, provide thousands of family-supporting jobs, and greatly benefit the people of Alaska.”

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