Look at the Blatant Manipulation of the Public by the WSJ


Same paper, same dates, different markets. Is this real or fake? Media sometimes caters to what their audience predominantly wants to hear, Financial Samurai.

Albeit with limited information, this seems like manipulation. The story is posted in Canada Free Press.

A free nation can’t survive without a free press. The media used to care about a free press, but no longer. They’re activists, happy to engage in manipulation.

Currently, people like George Soros and Larry Fink of BackRock have large shares in the media.  We have alternative media, which tries to evade the MSM disinformation, but it is under attack by censors.

There are huge networks dedicated to censoring everyone on the right.

Newsbusters writer Autumn Johnson reported yesterday:

Pro-free speech law firm America First Legal (AFL) filed a lawsuit to tear the lid off of the groups working hand in glove with the tyrannical federal government and Big Tech companies, alleging a conspiracy to censor Americans.

America First Legal (AFL) filed the lawsuit on behalf of Health Freedom Louisiana co-Director Jill Hines, and The Gateway Pundit Founder Jim Hoft.

The lawsuit alleges that the so-called “Election Integrity Partnership” and the “Virality Project” were actually just part of a “mass surveillance and censorship operation” focused on “targeting the political speech of millions of Americans on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (under its prior ownership).”

AFL President Stephen Miller ripped the censorship actions as “Orwellian”:

“Under the Orwellian guise of policing ‘mis’ and ‘disinformation,’ the organizations and entities we are suing today are responsible for radically eroding the rights and liberties upon which the survival of free society depends. We will fight to hold them liable in a court of law and seek full and complete justice for their victims. America First Legal will continue to lead the charge to rescue America from tyranny.”

Then there are the attacks on Matt Taibbi and other reporters of the Twitter Files which exposed deep government corruption and interference in the 2020 election. While Mr. Taibbi was testifying before Congress, the IRS visited his home for no apparent reason. The CEO of free speech Twitter, Elon Musk is under investigation by several Biden agencies, and the government’s reasons are suspect.

The attacks on free press are coming fast and furious by evil actors trying to take this country down.

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