Mr. Neely Terrorized New Yorkers for Years


Three young men restrained Jordan Neely in a New York subway train, two are white, and one is black. Neely was out of control and has been for years. Why didn’t the authorities get him help?

Neely has over forty arrests for assault, disorderly conduct, drugs, etc.  There is an assault arrest warrant out for Mr. Neely right now.

Neely is the new martyr for Democrats, BLM, and the government media because he died after passing out while being restrained by a white marine and two other men, one black. Neely was threatening passengers onboard an F train in lower Manhattan on Monday.

Sadly, no one helped him when it could have mattered. He is schizophrenic and autistic. His mother died a few years back, and he said he had nothing to eat and no place to sleep. Yet, we have money to put illegal aliens up in nice hotels with room service.

The former Marine who held him by the neck with his arm called for passengers to call the police and an ambulance.

Mayor Adams said it took the police six minutes to arrive, which means the Marine didn’t have Neely restrained for long, but he died.

A politically-appointed coroner called it a homicide, but no one has seen the toxicology reports yet.

The New York black community demands justice, but what is that in New York? Criminals like Neely are not kept in jail and they are free to terrorize New Yorkers.

When you don’t follow the law, and there is no justice, which is the case in New York City, this is what happens.

When you don’t get mental help for these drug-addicted mentally ill people, this is what happens.

Mr. Neely has been terrorizing New Yorkers for at least ten years. A Reddit contributor, a left-wing person, discussed it ten years ago.

New Yorkers are screaming for justice. New York City residents, and their leftist activist friends, have very strange heroes.

They should be fighting for mental institutions to care for these people, and get them off drugs. Instead they push for drug facilities where they can shoot up.

Mr. Neely.

Why didn’t this get any coverage?

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