BLM harasses diners, demand they raise a clenched fist in support


Harassing, disgusting behavior is now acceptable as long as it’s for JUSTICE. Black Lives Matter Marxists with bullhorns and a lot of brass marched around D.C. threatening and bullying people as they ate.

This is so unacceptable. It’s anarchy.

Marxist BLM won’t leave people alone until they believe as they do.

This took place in D.C.


A Black Lives Matter rally, which began about 6:30 p.m. Monday at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza on 14th Street NW, drew several hundred people. They engaged in a call-and-response as protest organizers with bullhorns told how Kenosha, Wis., police had shot and critically injured Jacob Blake.

Protesters wound their way up 14th Street, chanting, “No Justice, No Peace,” and, “Fire, fire, gentrifier — Black people used to live here.”

Near Quincy Street, the crowd gathered outside restaurants, alternately accusing diners of enjoying “White privilege” and encouraging them to show support. At one table, a young man who objected to the intrusion tried to explain that he worked for a nonprofit organization committed to addressing mental health care for Black people and other underserved populations. Protesters crowded in further around the table, shining video lights in the diners’ eyes and exchanging angry words, The Washington Post reported.

Protesters harassed a woman, Lauren B. Victor, demanding she raise a fist in solidarity. She refused, even after her dining companion complied.

“I felt like I was under attack,” Victor, 49, an urban planner and photographer who lives in the District, said in an interview afterward.


The police did shoot Blake for an unknown reason in front of his children in his car. But where is Jacob Blake’s responsibility for violating a court order, stealing a woman’s keys, and resisting arrest while his children are in the car???

We need to know why Blake reached into the car.


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