BLM leader: It’s white supremacy to call police to a knife fight


Black Lives Matter activist and communist Bree Newsome condemns the “ruling white elite” who have convinced blacks that blacks “need armed white officers” to manage their communities and children. She says it’s “frightening,” “absolutely frightening.” It was her response to the shooting in Columbus.

Referencing the attempted stabbing of one black girl by another, Newsome said, “Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers. Y’all need help. I mean that sincerely.”

We must assume from this that we should let one girl stab the other and wait to see how it turns out.

Newsome’s bizarre message is that knife fights are normal for teens and the police should stay out of it.

To her, calling the police and having them save a young girl’s life is enabling white supremacy.

Newsome clearly hates white people and the police, so she recklessly rushed to get out another anti-police narrative.

Here’s One of Her Supporters

For every irrational statement that Newsome makes, there is always someone to pander and blatantly lie. The bodycam tells the truth, but even when we have the truth on video, there are those who will invent a new narrative they like better.

There was no question of self-defense on the part of Makhia Bryant:




  1. Act like vicious animals, get treated like vicious animals. What transpired with the chimp that kicked one girl in the head? He wasn’t armed so he wasn’t shot. Was he arrested?

  2. Should it be black only police for black neighborhoods and white only police for white neighborhoods?
    That sounds like Apartheid.
    Only the CPUSA could set us back hundreds of years and call it progress.

  3. The Heartland of America, both Black and White, have realized all we need to do is nothing. Conservative Blacks and Whites just shake our heads at the stupidity we see in Big Blue Cities. Liberals are burning Big Blue Cities down and turning all the sane people against the Liberal Communist Democrats. When the Liberals in the Big Blue Cities have no police and no Law & Order, they will riot and burn what’s left down. That’s what Liberals do, destroy things. Liberals don’t come to the Heartland, we won’t put up with their stupidity. If you want to find racism in America, just go to a Liberal Cocktail Party.

    For over 60 years now it’s been Liberals who have broken up the Black family, taken away jobs from Black men, and put Black women and children on the Liberal Welfare Plantation, all because Liberals don’t think Blacks are smart enough to get a Government ID. Liberals really see others as pets that Government needs to take care of. There is one thing Liberals may be right about. There was at least one Black woman who was dumb enough to bring a knife to a gun fight, but luckily a good guy with a gun most likely saved someone’s life. What I worry about is that people like Bree Newsome is so absolutely stupid that she reinforces the Elites’ thinking that Black people really are not much smarter than their pets! The worse racist are the Academic elites. I worked for a University decades ago and just couldn’t stomach the self centered Elitism of their Echo Chamber; the so called Halls of Higher Learning are really the Citadels of Racism. Wars are almost always won by the people with resources. The Heartland controls the food and energy. If we stop supplying those essentials to Big Blue Cities things will get really bad very fast and there is really very little the Federal Deep State can do because those essentials are produce in large by the uneducated people who do “Dirty Jobs” throughout the Red State Heartland.

    Soon I see the Free States, the Red Ones, which will be happy and prosperous, and the Oppressed States the Blue Ones with travel papers and poverty. Where do you want to live?

  4. These radical Marxist have some real mental issues. Why aren’t they in the black neighborhoods where there are hundreds of black on black murders on a daily basis. This whole protest movement is nothing but a scam purported by subversives like BLM, ANTIFA and evil men like George Soros and the pagans who run Twitter and face Book.

    • I agree Tim Shep, how black lives matter responded to the cop shooting the black girl with a knife about to stab another black girl with and most likely will kill her was to say the cop is racist. This black lives matter protest right is just 100% prove i was right about the movement from the start.

  5. Ya know, I heard the call for police to help because the girl with the knife was trying to stab others. I must have missed the part where the called for “white police” to come and help. The most racist, bigoted, self-absorbed …

  6. Ok sh*t for brains Bree Newsome, i may have a solution for you, since you are a Black Lives Matter activist, set a a BLM help line and spread the word to all Blacks across America that if they are being shot at, attacked with a knife, raped, robbed whatever they need to call the BLM help line so no WHITE COP will come and maybe save their A$$ !!!!!

  7. Logan: Rules?! In a knife fight fight?! No rules!
    Butch: Well, if there ain’t going to be any rules let’s get the fight started. Someone count 1 2 3 Go.
    Sundance: 1 2 3 Go!

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