BLM mural outside Trump Tower vandalized again


The Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower has been vandalized yet again — with a black substance smeared through the middle of the bright yellow sign in the early hours Sunday.

It was believed to have been left by protesters who suddenly opened the back doors of a van and poured it on around 12.20 a.m., police sources said.

This makes me proud of New Yorkers, said one Twitter admirer.

The mural, which is actually graffiti, was ‘commissioned’ by communist Mayor Bill de Blasio. It has been repeatedly vandalized, but he keeps having it repainted at taxpayer expense.

He will redo it and add it to the $8 billion he wants from federal taxpayers.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist, aka communist, movement/organization bent on overthrowing capitalism, the family, and our entire way of life.

Last week, supporters unfurled a huge Trump flag over the mural and around New York City.


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