BLM ‘protester’ loses a vital part after police shot him with a rubber bullet


South African man Bradley Steyn says he plans on suing the LAPD after law enforcement officials allegedly shot him in the scrotum on May 30 during a ‘protest.’ The protest was to end allegedly militarized police. Steyn was brought in from South Africa where he ‘protested’ Apartheid. Sounds like a professional.

In our new and crazy USA, he will probably win, at least he will win a settlement. The protest was a violent riot, not simply a protest.

He claims he witnessed police brutality, then became a victim himself when cops allegedly used batons to beat him in the chest … before shooting him with rubber bullets at point-blank range.

Bradley claims he was hit in the inner thigh and genitals and has since suffered horrific pain and the loss of a testicle. What was he doing at the time, one wonders.

Hack attorney Lisa Bloom, the daughter of hack Gloria Allred is his attorney.

“This militarization and apartheid-style policing and biased laws has to end,” Steyn said. “The oppression and racism has to stop.”

Since he came from South Africa, one might guess that he is a professional agitator.


They so-called protests were particularly violent with projectiles flying and Molotov Cocktails set off.

The May 30 riots might also be responsible for the sudden uptick in virus cases in California. The timing is right. A Times analysis found that new COVID-19 hospitalizations in CA began accelerating around June 15 at a rate not seen since early April. That means more people may have gotten exposed to the virus around the week of Memorial Day or shortly thereafter.

Violence and chaos beginning on May 30

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