BLM punches people, keys cars, after officer shoots thug trying to kill him


An armed thug in San Bernadino was trying to shoot an officer wrestling him to the ground. As the man pushed the cop off him, he grabbed a gun from his waistband. While swinging around, the officer shot him.

Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Marxist group, started riots in response.

The BLM thugs are punching people in their cars and keying them. Most of the so-called Black Lives Matter rioters are white.

These Democrats, who constantly bash the police and white people, are not protesters. They are rioters and violent thugs.

The footage of the shooting:

If the officer was allowed to use a chokehold, the criminal might be alive.

The crazed BLMers claim the cop was racist for shooting a man trying to shoot him. The man in the next clip is falsely claiming that the officer violated protocol. The only thing that would satisfy these people is if the thugs succeeded in killing the officers.

The officer was quick in response and did a great job of defending himself.

It is insane to want to abolish the police and to do it on behalf of armed criminals trying to kill the police. This is what Democrats have wrought. Yet, they have the gall to ask Donald Trump if he will keep his supporters calm should he lose. It’s not the Republicans causing the problems.

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