Kamala’s hubby says he’s ‘married to the next president of the United States’


Democrats now admit that Kamala Harris will become the next president of the United States, not the brain-addled Joe. That’s if Democrat (socialists) win, of course.

Harris’s husband, Douglas Emhof, told a group of his sheeple that he is married to the “next president of the United States.”


Trump needs to make that part of his new ad. You are voting for Kamala, not Joe. Was there ever any doubt. The man can barely leave his basement. Maybe Emhoff is pretending to be Donald’s wife.



  1. Look at all the social distanced and masked socialists– or not. Do as we say, not as we do. Lie, lie, lie. The Trojan Kamel will never be president.

  2. There is no way Biden and she get elected ,but they are trying to cheat,we must not let them succeed in cheating

  3. They are counting on those mail-in ballots and USPS comrades to weed out undesirable deplorable kulak untermenschen votes.
    Even if it does come to pass it’s because they want her to be the face of the collapse.
    Dear Hubby, Willie Brown has some fun stories about your gal.

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