BLM radicals harass diners, scream, curse, steal elderly man’s drink in PA


A mob of BLM ‘protesters’ in Pittsburgh marched through the streets on Saturday, taking detours to harass diners. They screamed and cursed at an elderly couple and one sucked down their drinks.

Some smashed glasses on the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, a crowd swarmed a restaurant’s outdoor dining space, which was rife with people eating and dining.

The protesters begin to swear, shouting “F*** the white people that built the system” and more.

They cursed and shouted insults at the patrons.

In the video, a woman wearing a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” T-shirt strutted up to a table with an elderly couple eating and stole the woman’s beer from the table, swigging it down to cheers.

The radicals chanted “F*** the police,” and “no justice, no peace.”

These fringe lunatics now feel entitled to do and say whatever they want.

This is not a “demonstration” and these people disturbing the peace and terrorizing people are not “protesters.”


Last Thursday, they had a mini protest:

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