LA mayor says it’s 3 pm, time to turn your appliances and lights off! that went well!


The third world socialist state of California doesn’t have enough energy for all of its residents. They don’t admit it but it is a fact. As a result, to prevent rolling blackouts, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti told Angelenos in the sweltering heat that it’s time to turn their power off.

But don’t worry, they have cooling centers just like some third world nations:

The sad thing is next year, they will turn around and say the same thing, we need more solar and windmills, neither of which can handle the load.

This is how we will all live when Democrats take over the country.

California is the butt of jokes but it just makes them dig the hole deeper.

As you would expect, the reaction was mostly negative. One person wrote that he just put A/C in his dog’s house so “suck on that Garcetti.”

If you like what you see, vote Biden!

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