BLM, Revolutionary Commie Party in Yorba Linda, car plows through Trump supporters


Black Lives Matter, a Marxist movement, and the Revolutionary Communist Party took to the streets of Yorba Linda yesterday and were met with counter-protesters who live in the area.

Rev Com

Violence broke out as supporters of President Donald Trump staged a counter-protest against the Black Lives Matter demonstration organized by the Urban Organizers Coalition.

The pro-Trump crowd reportedly confronted the militant leftists while chanting “USA,” leading to multiple fights prior to a car driving through the crowd of patriots.

Ambulances were dispatched and at least two people were injured. The crowd and police chased the car and took the lunatic under arrest.

The woman who rammed Trump supporters is charged with attempted murder.



You have to love how Rokos says a “number of RLB related groups are here” but doesn’t name them. We will. Notice the sign revcom which Mr. Rokos does not seem to address. Revcom is the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Rokos did notice Trump supporters standing in the street, however, and jaywalking.

How would you react if these militants marched into your peaceful little town — knowing what they’re capable of? Yorba Linda was set to be the next-burned down city by the mostly peaceful protesters.

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2 years ago

This is entirely fake news. Tatianna, the driver who ran over two LOCAL CITIZENS and is in charge of causing problems on socal, knew what she was doing. A certain someone infiltrated their organization and led justt say that why it was HILARIOUS watching her try to escape the hundreds of SWAT.

Focus on the current slaver in Libya and the Middle East beforetaking your unWRranted hatred and vitriol (yes you, opposition). Race is all that matters to tou, by definition you’re a racist. Cut the footage all you like to make yourselves look innocent. Myself and plenty others have Tatianna 100% solid case for attempted manslaughter. You guys are brainwashed and the fact I was able to infiltrate your mOveMenT in less than a week and have your top leader JAILED in an hour speaks for itself.

How Biden doing for y’all! Heart unemployment for “POC is insanelyhigher than Maxine waters crack high. They played you for fools, and until you recognize it im tglad to tag along.

Might wanna educate them that slavery is alive and a booming trade in Northern Africa. Meanwhile, cmon back to Orange County. It’s hilarious yall are pro/peace yet preach free Palestine.

You know they kill dozens of gay men like myself in Palestine right? You know tsodomizing and marrying girls before puberty is legal right? I mean if that’s the hill you wanna die on…. I think I know who’s leaving the earth a better place and who’s leaving it a total embarrassment *cough it’s okay to admit you’re wrong and just learn how statistics work.I

Ignorance is bliss ain’t it. Your ancestors are ASHAMED of you. Unity is the last thing you preach, a race war is what you want unfortunately it seems by your leaders and they really seem to not understand show poorly and quickly that would end for them.

Xoxoo #Isreal #GoHomePalestine #learn your history. Learn who thought slavery in the US was a great idea (pro tip, not a republican).

Y’all are a MESSSSSSSS

The gay man who voted for trump because he’s the only one who advocated to the UN if they don’t stop beheading gays and jailing them they’re gonna have problems. (Eg/ if you’re pro Palestine, let your gay friends know, so they can cut you out entirely for your absolute ignorance.)

^fact check me by all means…. yall need to stop embarassing yourself