BLM supporter who knelt on baby’s neck while having hands restrained is under arrest


Isaiah Jackson

A 20-year-old Ohio man was arrested after sharing a disturbing photo of himself kneeling on the neck of a two-year-old child. The caption with the photo read, “BLM now MF (mother f***er).”

BLM is the acronym for the Marxist movement “Black Lives Matter.”


According to WHIO TV, the man in the photo is named Isaiah Jackson. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office stated that Jackson was arrested Tuesday on a probation violation. He remains in custody at the Clark County Jail, as of Friday.

“The county prosecutor’s office is reviewing the case involving the photo, which resembles the action taken by Minneapolis police officers in the Memorial Day arrest of George Floyd,” the local station reports.

The image, which went viral, was first published by Gateway Pundit reporter Cassandra Fairbanks on Tuesday. It shows a shirtless Jackson kneeling on the diapered two-year-old’s neck. The toddler is pinned to the floor, face down with someone appearing to hold him down with his hands behind his back. The baby is visibly upset.

According to a statement from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the caption contained “language that indicated that the image was related to ongoing racially-oriented protests and other activity taking place in various cities around the nation.”

The sheriff’s office “is awaiting the Office of the County Prosecutor to provide a determination on the scope and breadth of the felony charges that will be supported by that office for presentation in court.”


The child’s grandmother Chasity Sowers said Jackson is the new boyfriend of the ex-girlfriend of the baby’s father. The child is in good spirits and now with the father, Ms. Sowers confirmed. The boy checked out medically and is fine.

“He has no remorse whatsoever,” Sowers said of Jackson.

“I hope they all get what they deserve,” the grandmother added. “That little boy didn’t deserve none of that.”

The mother of the child told authorities “that she was unaware of the photo having been taken, or its contents until she had been informed by other parties while the Sheriff’s Office was en route to her home to begin the investigation into this incident,” a post from the sheriff’s office detailed.

The mother made excuses for Jackson, stating online that “He [the toddler] wasn’t hurt.” These texts were shared by the grandmother with Ms. Fairbanks on Tuesday.


According to the post, detectives are continuing to investigate and compile evidence “related to several other persons who were directly involved.”

“The Investigations Bureau of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office has prepared the case against the male subject shown in the photo, Isaiah Jackson, 20, and is awaiting the Office of the County Prosecutor to provide a determination on the scope and breadth of the felony charges that will be supported by that office for presentation in court,” the post concluded.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office became aware of the photo on July 21, 2020.

There is more information on WHIO TV. The image is very disturbing:


Brian Papin, a special education teacher at an Atlanta, Georgia school — Cedar Grove High School — praised Ohio man Isaiah Jackson for kneeling on the neck of the baby. Apparently, he thought that was funny.

“Again! Your doing it wrong! One knee on the center of the back one the neck and lean into it until death! You saw the video! Get it right or stop f***ing around!” Papin said while commenting on the photo.

DeKalb Schools are aware of Mr. Papin’s inappropriate post.

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