Jerry Nadler says Antifa riots In Portland are a “myth”


Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler claimed, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, on Sunday that the violent Antifa riots in Portland were “a myth.”

In fact, there is endless evidence to the contrary. There is so much video evidence widely available on social media that contradicts Nadler, one must wonder if he’s in his right mind. He is certainly counting on American stupidity, but we’re smarter than he thinks.

DHS knows all about it:

“The violent situation Portland has witnessed for the past eight weeks continues with violent anarchists rioting on the streets as federal law enforcement officers work diligently and honorably to enforce federal law, defend federal property, and protect the lives of their fellow officers,” DHS said in a statement on Sunday. “As federal officers left the courthouse to respond to attacks on the fence, just like on previous nights they were met by rioters with hard projectiles, mortar style fireworks, and lasers that can cause permanent blindness. Over the previous 24 hours, such assaults have resulted in at least 14 federal officers injured.”

Nadler apparently doesn’t know all about it:

Nadler was approached by journalist Austen Fletcher and asked if he disavowed the violent riots.

“It is true. There’s violence across the whole country,” Fletcher said. “Do you disavow the violence from Antifa that’s happening in Portland right now? There’s riots—”

“That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.,” Nadler claimed in all seriousness.

“About Antifa in Portland?” Fletcher continued.

“Yes—” Nadler once again claimed WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

A person with Nadler rushed in to take Nadler away, ushering him to a waiting car.

“Sir, there’s videos everywhere online,” Fletcher said as Nadler walked away. “There’s fires and riots, they’re throwing fireworks at federal officers. DHS is there. Look online. It gets crazy, Mr. Nadler.”

But Jerry knew he was done.

Mark Levin called Nadler is a “deranged buffoon” for his response.

Why did Governor Walz request half-a-billion dollars in aid for the damage caused by riots? Doesn’t he know it’s a myth?



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