BLM takes hostages and gets what they wanted


Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins, a trans woman, was in a car blocked by Black Lives Matter extremists after the Taking Back Pride March. They wouldn’t let her go until she agreed to sign a statement agreeing that rioters would not be charged.

The sad thing is the rioters are getting away with their crimes. These hostage-takers, who held her for two hours, should be arrested but BLM can break the law.

The media has completely ignored this incident except for CBS local.

Inept Mayor Jacob Frey offered a weak statement and no arrests:

“Holding elected officials accountable is good. Holding people for hours against their will until they’re compelled under duress to take positions is not. This isn’t a matter of politics or policy. We should all call this behavior out for what it is: fundamentally wrong.”

Okay then, expect it to keep happening.

It’s really pretty funny in a pathetic sort of way.


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