BLM takes over Monument Ave in a bloodless coup of a Gen. Lee statue


A crowd cheered and sang Wednesday as work crews hoisted a beautiful 21-foot high statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee off the giant pedestal on Monument Avenue.

My family fought for the Union so I am hardly a fan of the confederacy or the horrible practice of slavery, but I also love history, and destroying it solves nothing. It’s hard to argue against taking down confederate statues if you don’t understand history.  Alarmingly, the hardcore left now running this country plans to take down our Founding Fathers, explorers, all heroes who are white or European to erase all of our history.

Monument Avenue in Virginia is or was a beautiful avenue because of the hundred-year-old sculptured statues.

The violent communist group,  Black Lives Matter held up signs in the crowd. Some chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” and sang, “Hey hey hey, goodbye.”


The statue was lowered to the ground where it was expected to be cut into pieces so that it can be brought to a secure location. The aborted parts will be stored until its final disposition is determined.

Black face Northam, aka Coon man, will ask the public for suggestions on what to do with it.

People were offended by the statue.

In Virginia, local governments were hamstrung for a while by a state law that protected memorials to war veterans. The new Democratic majority at the statehouse amended the law and Northam signed it. The Democrats took over Virginia, partly due to changing demographics and partly due to millions of dollars poured in by former New York Governor Michael Bloomberg, a fascistic type of leader.

They will take all the statues down except the one to tennis great Arthur Ashe, a Black man, but even that is not definite. Hopefully, they won’t erect statues to Black Lives Matter or violent criminal George Floyd.

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