State Department’s concerned the psycho Taliban aren’t diverse


A State Department spokesperson said in a statement shared with The Hill that although the Taliban “has presented this as a caretaker cabinet,” the U.S. “will judge the Taliban by its actions, not words.”

“We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” the spokesperson added.

The statement was made after Taliban slaughtered police women in Afghanistan, killed one woman for not covering her face, and stole children from each family to serve as ‘brides.’

The statement went on to note that the list of names announced by the Taliban earlier Tuesday “consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates and no women.”

The announced leaders come after the Taliban last month specifically called on women to join government offices in an apparent attempt to portray itself as a more moderate version of the group that previously enforced extreme laws on women and girls, including preventing them from going to school and barring them from leaving their homes unless they were accompanied by a man.

The State Department also said Tuesday that it was “concerned by the affiliations and track records of some of the individuals.”

TIME Magazine and The Hill, and others, mostly unconcerned about the fact that they are terrorists, also expressed dismay that there were no women.

Rest easy, the Taliban appointments to leadership positions are allegedly temporary, says the Taliban.

Time Magazine had more on the statement:

The U.S. State Department in a statement expressed concern that the Cabinet included only Taliban, no women, and personalities with a troubling track record, but said the new administration would be judged by its actions. The carefully worded statement noted the Cabinet was interim but said the Taliban would be held to their promise to give safe passage to both foreign nationals and Afghans, with proper travel documents, and ensure Afghan soil would not be used as to harm another.

“The world is watching closely,” the statement said.

The ‘troubling track record’ that Time refers to is terrorism, rapes, torture, murders, and the killing of US soldiers.

There was far less interest in the fact that a global terrorist, Sirajuddin Haqqani with a price on his head will run the Interior. There was less concern that every senior leader is a violent, Salafi terrorist.

ABC News called them Old Guard when they are actually psychotic terrorists.

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