BLM, Trump-hating DSA agitator chosen to lead LA teachers’ union


Check out who will be in charge of teachers educating children in Los Angeles – a Trump-hating BLM agitator!

A member of Black Lives Matter who was a keynote speaker at last year’s Democratic Socialists of America [communists] National Convention has been elected president of the largest teachers union in Los Angeles. BLM is thrilled with her appointment.

She led protests at school against President Trump.

She wants to get rid of prisons.

The woman is really a communist as is Bernie Sanders whose platform she supports. She plans to use her role as teacher union president to shape the presidential election. Cruz sees teaching as a revolutionary act. That is what she is — a revolutionary.

“Bernie Sanders has the only campaign that isn’t about an individual—it’s about a broad movement, just like our strike was,” UTLA/NEA Vice President Cecily Myart-Cruz says. “Our strike showed the nation what a fighting union looks like, and now we use that power to affect change on the national level by considering support for a candidate who cares about the things we care about.”

Bernie is a crazy old red diaper baby. Americans used to know that.

One of the reasons they picked her is for the color of her skin. In other words, they’re racist.

The ‘woman of color’ got almost 69% of the vote.


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  1. Those who “think” this is okay had better get their heads examined. The enemies of the Republic are relentlessly carrying out their agenda – in your face, Remember that the corrupt MSM and the cretinous censors in social media were on their side…

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