Bloomberg-Cuomo team up to build an “army of tracers” with apps to track you down


What could go wrong? The fascistic former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg will help dictatorial Governor Andrew Cuomo build an “army of tracers” to track down anyone with COV-19 or who has been near anyone with the illness.

Both of these men are very communist-China-friendly. They ignore the totalitarian nature of the communists so one might wonder if they are adopting some of their ideas.

Hillary and Bill Clinton and Governor Gavin Newsom recently called for an army of tracers. These are all very far-left people. They want all this in place before they re-open.


Bloomberg has already said he wants his system to be the “model” for the nation. It could be another moneymaker for him. His financial software is used around the world and made him rich beyond imagination.

The former mayor and presidential candidate is working with Johns Hopkins and the NYC health department on a system for widespread contract [contact] tracing.

“When social distancing is relaxed, contract tracing is our best hope for isolating the virus when it appears and keeping it isolated,” Bloomberg said. “The governor has recognized that and since Bloomberg Philanthropies has deep experience and expertise in public health, we’re glad to support the state in developing and implementing a contact tracing program.”

He will soon release a “playbook” for the cities and states around the country to mirror.

And there are apps to track you down

In addition, three new apps will be tied to the army of tracers. One will be informative for the afflicted, another will allow the public to send data directly [snitch], and a third will ‘guide’ people to quarantine.

It is a “necessary” and “monumental undertaking” [expensive], Cuomo said. They suggest it will precede any re-opening.

The science says we need to do this draconian lockdown to keep hospitalizations down and it does not stop the virus. Now that the numbers are down, they still won’t re-open. It’s not about science at all.

“Contact tracing, the test and trace approach, is going to change everything,” [communist] Mayor de Blasio said. He was teleconferenced into the meeting. “I think we are going to be able to show this country a model that’s going to be extraordinarily effective in beating back this disease.”

“The problem is, it’s not rocket science to do it on an individual basis, the problem is the scale that we have to do this at,” Cuomo said. “Yesterday, 4,681 people tested positive. How do you know communicate with 4,681 people, trace back all the people who they’ve been in contact with for 14 days, and contact those people?”


These are people who are taking away American’s civil liberties to a great extent unnecessarily under the guise of keeping us safe. Do you trust them with tracers and apps to find people?

Cuomo indicates any deaths are unacceptable.

“An optimist would say the numbers are on the decline. A realist would say that’s a tremendous amount of pain and grief,” Cuomo said.

Never forget what Bloomberg said about communist China, a totalitarian regime:

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