Bloomberg Names Trump’s Potential Cabinet Picks


Bloomberg News cited “people briefed on the discussion” in reporting that Trump “personally told Ramaswamy” he wouldn’t be his vice-presidential pick. However, he is considering him for posts including homeland security secretary.”

Vivek Ramaswamy is seen as suited for that job, Bloomberg said, because he is the son of immigrants from India, which might help “neutralize” criticism of hardline immigration measures. Some legacy media said the thought is “terrifying.”

Bloomberg named Doug Burgum, the North Dakota governor who ran for the Republican nomination, and Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative in Trump’s first administration.

Bloomberg also reported that Kevin McCarthy, who Trump supporters made the first House speaker ejected by his own party, was a “top candidate” for chief of staff.

Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas are reportedly seen as possible picks for attorney general.

Tim Scott, the South Carolina senator who ran for the nomination, is on the vice-presidential pick by allies including Lindsey Graham and John Thune. Fox reports that others on the VP list are Tulsi Gabbard – a fairly left-wing Democrat (she could end up as president?); Byron Donalds; and Kristi Neom.

The media is calling all of them “far right.”

Trump adviser Jason Miller told Bloomberg speculation was irrelevant.

“Apparently somebody has decided to list out everyone who has ever met President Trump and is now speculating as to their potential participation in a second Trump administration,” Miller said. “The truth is that unless you hear it directly from President Trump or his campaign, this is all BS.”

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