Liz Cheney, Obama Judge & Democrats Imprison a Trade Expert


Democrats, including Liz Cheney and Andrew Kinsinger, have succeeded in getting a 74-year-old trade expert, Peter Navarro, imprisoned for not attending a corrupt J6 panel witch hunt. Obama Judge Amit Mehta made sure it happened.

Pure evil. This is all orchestrated by Barack Obama. His staff is running the White House, and Obama appointed far-left judges, including Judge Mehta.

Kanekoa the Great summarized it well, except he didn’t mention that Donald Trump never applied executive privilege in Navarro’s case. Peter Navarro is a good man and doesn’t deserve what happens to him. He made technical mistakes.

Biden’s Justice Department shatters historical precedent by imprisoning Trump Trade Advisor Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress, destroying a 250-year tradition of honoring executive privilege.

Obama’s DOJ didn’t prosecute Eric Holder and Lois Lerner following contempt referrals after they invoked executive privilege.

Bush’s DOJ didn’t prosecute Josh Bolton and Harriet Myers following contempt referrals after they invoked executive privilege.

The Justice Department hasn’t prosecuted executive officials the president instructed to invoke executive privilege until now. T

he last time anyone was sentenced for contempt of Congress was in 1948.

Navarro, a Harvard-educated economist known for his efforts to restore American manufacturing, will serve four months in prison.

He will turn 75 in July behind bars as a martyr of the regime.

NAVARRO: “When I walk into that prison today, the justice system will have done a crippling blow to the constitution’s separation of judicial powers and executive privilege.”

He has a good chance to win on appeal, but he will have still suffered through four months in prison.

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